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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced today that, beginning Monday, December 17, it will add a free transfer to the B70 bus from the S53 to provide Staten Island veterans access to the Brooklyn VA Hospital without having to pay an additional fare.
<p>This weekend, we repaired tracks south of 167th Street on the <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/d.png" alt="D Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> in the Bronx.</p>
The MTA is making it easier to file a claim if the 30-day unlimited MetroCard<sup>&#174;</sup> or 7-day Express Bus Plus MetroCard you purchased with a credit or debit card at an MTA vending machine is ever lost or stolen.
Transit Museum Holiday Train Show
Grand Central Terminal: Your 1st Stop for Holiday Shopping
It's back by popular demand! Subway customers can once again take a ride back in time between Queens and Lower Manhattan along the <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/m.png" alt="M Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> line through the holiday season.
LIRR Restores Weekday & Weekend Electric Train Service on Long Beach Branch
<p>This weekend, we replaced concrete ties between Jamaica and Queens Village. More: <a href=""></a></p>
The high winds and deep swirling waters generated by the most severe storm to ever hit the region drove hundreds of millions of gallons of salt water into the most vulnerable segments of the largest, most complex subway system in North America. The effects were devastating.
Beginning Tuesday, Fare-Free H Shuttle Replaces Portion of A Line in Rockaways.
The MTA has launched an ad campaign promoting a new program that offers rewards of up to $2,000 to transit riders or others who offer details to police after witnessing a crime against a transit employee.
LIRR Restores Limited Weekday Train Service on Long Beach Branch
LIRR Operating Weekday Schedule
Hugh L. Carey Tunnel Has Reopened 24/7
Queens Midtown Tunnel Reopens to Truck Traffic
LIRR Operating on Weekday Schedule with Some Canceled trains in the AM & PM Rush
One Lane At Hugh L. Carey Tunnel Reopens To Cars
LIRR Operates Regular Weekend Service
The MTA restored limited <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/l.png" alt="L Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> train service between Brooklyn and Manhattan Thursday afternoon after days of difficult work dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
The MTA's live bus tracking service, MTA Bus Time™, has expanded to all bus routes serving the Bronx.