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Customer satisfaction at MTA Bridges and Tunnels' seven bridges and two tunnels rose five percentage points to 85 percent in 2012 thanks to increases in safety and security, road signs and road conditions.
Eighty-six percent of Long Island Rail Road customers say they're satisfied or very satisfied with the commuter line's overall performance in 2012, an 8 percentage point improvement over last year when major storms and service reductions impacted customer satisfaction.
Satisfaction Rebounds in 2012; Ties Highest Rating Ever
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today released results from its annual series of customer satisfaction surveys conducted for all MTA services.
Help Points Coming to 102 Subway Stations
Sandhogs working on the East Side Access megaproject -; the largest transportation infrastructure construction project in the nation -; have broken through the final piece of reinforced concrete separating newly built tunnels in Queens from newly built tunnels in Manhattan.
MTA Long Island Rail Road is adding trains to its late-night, eastbound schedule from Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn to serve customers heading home after major sports and entertainment events at the new Barclays Center.
<p><p> In Manhattan this weekend, we repaired track north of 47-50 Sts on the <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/b.png" alt="B Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/d.png" alt="D Subway Line Symbol" border="0"><img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/f.png" alt="F Subway Line Symbol" border="0"><img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/m.png" alt="M Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> Line and south of 14 St-Union Square on the <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/n.png" alt="N Subway Line Symbol" border="0"><img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/q.png" alt="Q Subway Line Symbol" border="0"><img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/r.png" alt="R Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> Line. In Brooklyn, we repaired track on the <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/3.png" alt="3 Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> Line at New Lots Av and at the Pitkin Yard where we store <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/a.png" alt="A Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> and <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/c.png" alt="C Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> trains.</p>
For the world famous Harlem Globetrotters, it was "All aboard!" MTA Long Island Rail Road to tell Long Islanders that the LIRR is the best way get to the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn to see the team entertain on Sunday, October 7 at 5 PM.
Herbert E. Lambert, with more than 30 years of service in MTA New York City Transit's Department of Subways, has been named to the position of Chief Transportation Officer, Rapid Transit Operations.
Review of the August 21 incident has been completed and blasting will resume on 72nd Street at Second Avenue Subway Site.
MTA Staten Island Railway has an exam filing for Conductor. <a href="">Click here to learn more</a>
The LIRR is providing service to the U.S. Open Tennis Men's Finals today (Sept. 10) with trains stopping at Mets-Willets Point Station, which is just a short walk to the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.
In cooperation with the Bronx Borough President's Office, MTA Metro-North Railroad is hosting information sessions regarding a proposal to introduce railroad service in the east Bronx along Amtrak's right-of-way.
MTA New York City Transit express coach 2185 is a living tribute to 9/11 responders and the MTA's determination to rebuild in the wake of the terrorist attacks.
Maintenance on our R32s cars will keep them on the rails until new R179 cars are delivered.
<p> An army of maintenance workers wrapped up yet another successful <em>FASTRACK </em>effort completing an ambitious schedule of work.</p> <p>Click <a href="">here</a> for more information.</p>
If you wanted to catch the <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/a.png" alt="A Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> train on September 9th, 1932, you would have been out of luck. It started running a day later. That's right, the Eighth Avenue Subway, at times also known as the Independent, IND or Municipal Subway, celebrates 80 years of operation on September 10th.
Effective September 4, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority extended the validity of one-way and round-trip tickets on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad from 14 days to 60 days.