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It takes a lot to turn a modern railroad back into a 19th century operation—but, about four feet of salt water, mounds of storm-driven sand, sustained high winds and the absence of electrical controls did just that.
New York Transit Museum Hosts First Ever Night of Transit Trivia
New York City. There’s no place quite like it. This year we have expanded our offers so you can enjoy more of the city
It's one of the best nights of the year, when we say good-bye to the old and welcome the new.
The MTA has released a test version of an app that allows riders on seven subway lines to know precisely when trains are expected to arrive at stations.
MTA Long Island Rail Road will provide additional trains to and from Penn Station during the extended New Year's holiday period beginning Friday afternoon December 28 through New Year's Day, Tuesday, January 1.
With 9,000 tons of deicer on hand and a fleet of 98 snow and ice-fighting vehicles standing by, MTA Bridges and Tunnels is ready for the upcoming winter weather.
With the forecast of this season's first winter storm, MTA agencies are following well-established plans designed to keep the MTA region's transportation services operating smoothly.
MTA subways, buses and railroad service will operate on a Sunday or holiday schedule on Christmas.