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1969 was a big year. Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon and the MTA ran its last antique wooden train on the now-defunct Myrtle Avenue El Line.
If you've been carrying around an old, forgotten MetroCard that has less than a ride's worth of money on it, our App of the Week, MetroCalc, can help you put that MetroCard back to use.
The Triennial Brunel Award for Overall Excellence in Railroad Design
This weekend, workers rehabilitated tracks near Canal St on the A/C/E and near Borough Hall on the 2/3, replaced track panels on the J/M/Z near Flushing Av., and continued rehabilitating the E. 180 St 2/5 Station.
Customers on the Pelham line in Bronx now have two more things to smile about....newly rehabbed stations.
As the fall and winter holiday season gets underway there is good news for motorists who use the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge.
With a crisp nip to the air and a fresh pace on the streets, autumn is a special time in New York City.
This weekend, workers restored electrical components on the 7, rehabilitated track on the A/C/E, replaced sections of track on the 1 and continued rehabilitating Dyckman St, Elder Av and E 180 St.
The Third Avenue El ceased to operate in 1973, but still remains a part of New York City's history.
Metro-North anticipates delays during this morning's rush due to power problems. Weekend maintenance work in the Park Avenue Tunnel is taking longer than expected to restore full electric power to all four tracks. This will reduce capacity in the tunnel during the morning rush hour. Metro-North must reduce the number of trains that can occupy the tracks at the same time.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is set to introduce the first phase of Select Bus Service (SBS) along the 34th Street crosstown bus routes in November.
MTA Long Island Rail Road has extra trains going to the 28th Annual Oyster Festival in Oyster Bay, L.I. the weekend of October 15-16, and
New York City subway signs are iconic - the white-on-black type with the Helvetica font signs are one of the most universally recognized design schemes in the transit world.
RailTime, our App of the Week, can help Metro-North commuters, and their loved ones, keep track of upcoming trains with ease.
A Queens contractor was awarded a $50 million contract for the final phase of the Verrazano-Narrows toll plaza improvement project.
We've taken the guesswork out of reaching the MTA. Where there used to be an array of 117 customer service phone numbers, now we're down to one: 511.
This weekend, workers replaced track panels near 33 St on the 7 Line, replaced track south of Canal St on the A/C/E Line, and installed new platform concrete topping and a rubbing board on the southbound 2/5 platform at E 180 St.
The LIRR apologizes for the service suspension last night that left many of our customers without a regular means of getting home and that stranded some passengers on trains between stations.
The MTA Long Island Rail Road is operating near-normal on Friday, September 30 after lightning struck crucial switching equipment in Jamaica on Thursday afternoon and damaging the signal system that controls the operation of trains into and out of Jamaica. LIRR employees, working non-stop around-the-clock, restored the signal system in time for the morning rush.
Three months after a pilot program to sell E-ZPass On The Go in cash lanes at the Henry Hudson Bridge began more than 5,000 electronic tags have been sold