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There's no better way to do your holiday shopping than utilizing the MTA to avoid the traffic and aggravation during these gridlock alert days.
There's no better way to get to the Thanksgiving Day Parade than the MTA during these gridlock alert days.
The harbor front Village of Port Jefferson will kick off its annual three-day Dickens Festival on Friday, December 2 and MTA Long Island Rail Road is the perfect way for devotees to take in the festivities
This weekend, workers replaced tracks and station components on the upper 1 Line, and repaired tracks on the 2/3, 7, N and J/M/Z Lines.
The MTA was recognized Nov 17 by the New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council for creating and implementing small business development programs.
Grand Central Terminal, in the heart of New York City, is a true holiday destination for commuters and tourists alike.
Structural work at the future 34th Street Station is now complete and the No. 7 Line Extension will be ready for service in December 2013.
Bridges & Tunnels recently recorded its three billionth E-ZPass transaction confirming that E-ZPass is the easiest and most convenient way to travel across the MTA's bridges and tunnels.
While you sleep soundly, TravAlarm monitors the MTA's real-time status updates.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has released its November Financial Plan and Final Proposed Budget for 2012.
Catch the exciting New York holiday spirit
The world-famous Radio City Rockettes® will help usher in the holiday magic Wednesday, November 16, from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Penn Station's 34th Street Corridor.
It's called the Line Segment Closure Program and will shorten the amount of time riders will have to navigate around construction projects. It's a new pragmatic approach to maintenance while still operating a 24/7 system.
Joseph J. Lhota joined the MTA on Nov. 14 as Executive Director, assuming the responsibilities for the day-to-day operations of the organization.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has introduced the first phase of Select Bus Service (SBS) along the 34th Street crosstown bus routes.
An all-star lineup of local celebrities is pitching in to help the LIRR and Metro-North get the word out about the new state smoking ban on outdoor station platforms.
Swipe your MetroCard and head to this year's parade to celebrate and honor our nation's veterans.
The safest big-city bus operators in the United States, as determined in a 2009 federal study, perform their duties behind the steering wheels of MTA buses. How did they become the best?
This weekend, workers replaced sections of track on the 7 Line near 33 St-Rawson St and at Court House Sq, south of Wall St on the 2/3 Line, and on the A/C/E Line south of Canal St.