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63 St Subway Extension Opened 25 Years Ago
The MTA’s Weekender: The Way Around Weekend Work for October 31 - November 3
The 2014 TCS NYC Marathon will kick off on Sunday, November 2 and MTA New York City Transit’s subway and buses will get you to the event from all parts of the city.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced that it has named David L. Mayer as the agency’s new Chief Safety Officer. The new position was created to reinforce safety as the top priority for all MTA agencies as they continue to improve work practices and invest in new technology and equipment.
Most drivers pass by them every day but don’t give much thought to two buildings that are essential to the everyday operations at the Queens Midtown Tunnel but trust us they are helping you breath easier. The Queens Ventilation Building, located on Borden Avenue, and the Manhattan Ventilation Building, off the FDR Drive between 41st and 42nd streets, together contain 46 hugh exhaust and supply fans that provide a complete air change in both tubes of the tunnel every 90 seconds.
When Metro-North schedules change on Sunday, November 9, for the first time, there will be new half-hourly service between New Haven and New York in the off-peaks and on weekends. There also will be minor adjustments on all three lines to improve reliability.
October 27th, 2014 marks the 110th anniversary of the subway system. The first train ran north from City Hall to 145th Street and Broadway. The system that now benefits 5.8 million daily customers sprang from a single line that didn’t leave the confines of Manhattan.
The MTA’s Weekender: The Way Around Weekend Work for October 24 - October 27
FASTRACK Comes to the 4 5 6 Lexington Av Line
Ridership is breaking records on our subways. The system reached unprecedented milestones in September, breaking the previous single-day ridership record five times in a single month.
At the Port Washington Station, work on an extension of the Eastern pedestrian bridge was completed during the weekend, allowing customers to reach all platforms by using the overpass. And, at the Great Neck Station, workers completed the rehabilitation of the west end of the westbound platform (also known as Platform A).
Weekend at Work: October 18 -20, 2014
William J. Ronan, the first chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and a chief proponent of the Second Avenue Subway project, has died in Florida. He was 101.
Ever wonder where all of those printed subway station signs come from? There’s actually a little shop in Brooklyn manned by a small group of dedicated MTA New York City Transit workers who fabricate informational signs for the largest mass transit system in North America.
Shop workers are masters of fabrication down at MTA New York City Transit’s Coney Island Shop. When they need a component or a part that is no longer manufactured, they – well - they make it themselves. The talent and dedication of this team combined to revitalize and vastly improve the performance of a motorized track-cleaning train that made its first pass of the system nearly 20 years ago.
One of the major challenges of operating a subway system that runs around the clock and carries 5.8 million customers a day is finding a window of opportunity to perform maintenance chores and make major improvements. Sometimes this involves curtailing service for a weekend, a period that gives workers the opportunity to perform complicated tasks that cannot be undertaken when train traffic is present.
The MTA’s Weekender: The Way Around Weekend Work for October 17 - October 20
LIRR Service Advisory for PM Rush
Customers in Queens and Manhattan are more connected than ever after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Transit Wireless expanded wireless and Wi-Fi service in 40 more subway stations across the two boroughs. That means 29 stations in Queens and 11 more stations in Manhattan -- including major transfer hubs like Grand Central-42 St and 34 St-Herald Sq -- join the first 36 stations in midtown Manhattan that were connected more than a year ago.
New York City is filled with museums showcasing an abundance of art, but did you know New York's transit system is home to some wonderful and unique works? The MTA has announced that Monacelli Press is set to publish New York’s Underground Art Museum, a comprehensive book by Sandra Bloodworth and William Ayers with 264 pages in full color and 300 images that detail the stories behind the 250 permanent works of art throughout New York’s transportation network.