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Press Release
March 21, 2005
Statement On West Side Rail Yard Bids

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced that it has received five
bids as final offers for the development rights to the western portion
of the LIRR West Side Rail Yard. Two of the bids were deemed as non-
responsive. The bids were submitted by TransGas Energy System, the New
York Jets, LLC, Cablevision, and the two non- responsive bids were from
Missak Financial Group, and World Network International.

Press Release
February 15, 2005
MTA Asks For Best and Final Offers For West Side Rail Yard

MTA Chairman Peter S. Kalikow today sent letters to the New York Jets,
LLC and Madison Square Garden, LP advising the parties that the MTA is
seeking best and final offers for the development rights attendant to
the western portion of the LIRR West Side Rail Yard to be submitted to
the MTA no later than Monday, March 21, 2005. Responsive bids are expected
to be presented to the MTA Board for consideration at its March 31st meeting.

Press Release
February 8, 2005
MTA Responds to MSG Offer for West Side Rail Yards

MTA Chairman Peter S. Kalikow today responded to a February 4, 2005 offer
from Madison Square Garden, LLP., ("MSG") to develop the LIRR West Side
Rail Yards. He also sent a letter to the New York Jets, LLC., proposing
a non-binding arbitration process to determine the fair market value of
the rental of air rights and other real property interests for the construction
of a New York Sports and Convention Center.

Press Release
February 7, 2005
MTA Emergency Evacuation Videos Now Available On the Web

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has posted special easy-to-
understand videos on its website to provide its customers with important
information on subway and train evacuation in the event of an emergency.

"The safety of our customers is our number one priority," said MTA Chairman
Peter S. Kalikow. "We want our riders to be aware of the safety procedures
that will help to ensure a safe ride throughout the metropolitan region."

Press Release
February 7, 2005
MTA Transportation Revenue Bonds Rated "A" $7.3 Billion in Outstanding Debt Affirmed by Three Rating Agencies

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced today it has
received strong single "A" ratings on MTA Transportation Revenue Bonds
from the three rating agencies. The ratings were requested by the MTA
in advance of the first 2005 bond sale of approximately $500 million in
fixed-rate, tax-exempt bonds. Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings
each issued an "A" rating, and Moody's Investors Service issued its "A2"
rating. The ratings apply to the new issuance of bonds and are affirmed

Press Release
October 28, 2004
Statement from MTA Chairman Peter S. Kalikow on Comptroller Hevesi's 10/28/04 Press Release

There is nothing new in the State Comptroller's report. His report merely validates the financial data which the MTA has been reporting for months, namely that its deficits - projected to steadily grow from $745 million in 2005 to $2 billion in 2008 - are significant. A detailed presentation of these deficits has been posted on our website ( since July of 2004.

Press Release
August 26, 2004
Safety Vests to Protect MTA K-9 Unit^Donation Enhances the Safety of Trained Dogs

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Peter Kalikow acknowledged Dr. Joan Zofnass for the donation of vests to the MTA K-9 Unit to enhance the safety of dogs. Dr. Zofnass honored her late sister's wish to protect animals by donating resources to safeguard their well being.

"This gift is an outstanding example of public spiritedness and the mark of a real New Yorker," Kalikow said. "I know all the MTA Police Officers and all the members of the K-9 Unit appreciate your generosity and forethought in donating protective vests for this special unit."

Press Release
July 7, 2004
MTA Music Under New York Launches A Summer Concert Series, {{Above Ground}}

MTA Arts for Transit announces {{Above Ground[/i], a special Music Under New York (MUNY) series of performances scheduled above the subway system this summer on New York City streets and other busy locations.

"MUNY has made the subway ride an enjoyable experience and Above Ground is a great way to share the success of the program with new audiences all around New York, " said MTA Chairman Peter S. Kalikow. "Music is part of the summertime excitement, and we are very pleased that MUNY musicians are enlightening the transit system with above and underground performances."

Press Release
June 30, 2004
MTA/Music Under New York's 17th Annual Audition

[[GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL/Vanderbilt Hall Wednesday, June 30th 2004, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.]]

MTA, Arts for Transit will have approximately 73 acts participating in the 17th Annual Music Under New York (MUNY) Audition. A talent committee selected the acts to audition from over 200 submissions.

The MUNY Audition is divided into two parts: a morning session from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00noon, and an afternoon session from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Audition will be held in Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall, and is open to the public.

Press Release
June 1, 2004
MTA Rolls Out Subway Centennial Map^Subway History at Rider's Finger-tips

With the most up-to-date subway map on one side and a collection of vintage system guides on the reverse, subway riders can now use the new special-edition Centennial Map to find out how to get where they're going, while at the same time, learning where the system has been, announced MTA Chairman Peter S. Kalikow today.

The Centennial Map is part of the MTA's year-long celebration of the New York City Subway Centennial (1904-2004) and commemorates the history of the New York City Subway. More than 1 million of the maps will be available for distribution beginning June 1st.