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Weekend at Work - October 6 - 7, 2012

Weekend at Work - September 21 - 23, 2012

2012 Survey Shows 85 Percent Satisfied With B&T

Customer satisfaction at MTA Bridges and Tunnels' seven bridges and two tunnels rose five percentage points to 85 percent in 2012 thanks to increases in safety and security, road signs and road conditions.

LIRR Customer Satisfaction Jumps 8 Percentage Points in 2012 Survey

Eighty-six percent of Long Island Rail Road customers say they're satisfied or very satisfied with the commuter line's overall performance in 2012, an 8 percentage point improvement over last year when major storms and service reductions impacted customer satisfaction.

Survey: 93% of Metro-North Customers Are Satisfied

Satisfaction Rebounds in 2012; Ties Highest Rating Ever

Customers Report Satisfaction with MTA Services

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today released results from its annual series of customer satisfaction surveys conducted for all MTA services.

Help Points Coming to 102 Subway Stations

Help Points Coming to 102 Subway Stations

Sandhogs Join LIRR's New Manhattan Tunnel to Its New Queens Tunnels

Sandhogs working on the East Side Access megaproject -; the largest transportation infrastructure construction project in the nation -; have broken through the final piece of reinforced concrete separating newly built tunnels in Queens from newly built tunnels in Manhattan.

LIRR Adding Extra Late Night Train Service for Fans Leaving New Barclays Center

MTA Long Island Rail Road is adding trains to its late-night, eastbound schedule from Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn to serve customers heading home after major sports and entertainment events at the new Barclays Center.

Weekend at Work: September 14-;17 2012

<p><p> In Manhattan this weekend, we repaired track north of 47-50 Sts on the <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/b.png" alt="B Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/d.png" alt="D Subway Line Symbol" border="0"><img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/f.png" alt="F Subway Line Symbol" border="0"><img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/m.png" alt="M Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> Line and south of 14 St-Union Square on the <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/n.png" alt="N Subway Line Symbol" border="0"><img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/q.png" alt="Q Subway Line Symbol" border="0"><img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/r.png" alt="R Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> Line. In Brooklyn, we repaired track on the <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/3.png" alt="3 Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> Line at New Lots Av and at the Pitkin Yard where we store <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/a.png" alt="A Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> and <img src="/siteimages/subwaybullets/c.png" alt="C Subway Line Symbol" border="0"> trains.</p>