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MTA Board Keeps Base Fare Flat; Approves Lowest Fare, Toll Increases Since 2009

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Board has voted to keep the base fare flat for another two years in approving the lowest fare and toll increase since 2009, when the MTA committed to a biennial schedule for regular increases.

MTA Expands Sleep Apnea Program Systemwide; Becomes First Public Transportation Agency to Offer Specialized Screening, Treatment for the Disorder

The MTA is expanding sleep apnea screening and treatment that began in 2015 with Metro-North Railroad train engineers to Metro-North's conductors, Long Island Rail Road train engineers and conductors, New York City Transit subway train operators and conductors, and bus operators for New York City Transit and the MTA Bus Company, becoming the first public transportation agency to systematically screen employees for obstructive sleep apnea and offer priority, specialized treatment to employees. The program will expand to nearly 20,000 employees.

Metro-North Railroad Breaks Ridership Record

Metro-North Railroad is seeing record ridership numbers with approximately 86.5 million customers in 2016, the highest ridership in the railroad's history, surpassing the previous record of 86.3 million, set last year. Metro-North’s total ridership has more than doubled since the railroad was founded in 1983.

LIRR Breaks Modern Ridership Record

The Long Island Rail Road is seeing record ridership numbers, carrying 89.3 million customers in 2016, a 1.9% increase over last year and the highest ridership since 1949. The LIRR’s growth continues recent trends in which the LIRR has registered a 1.97% average growth per year over the past 5 years. The railroad’s ridership has grown 10.2% over five years, from 81.0 million in 2011.

LIRR and Metro-North Railroad Break Ridership Records

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has announced that Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroads are seeing record ridership numbers, with LIRR carrying 89.3 million customers in 2016, a 1.9% increase over last year and the highest ridership since 1949. Metro-North Railroad carried approximately 86.5 million in 2016, the highest ridership in Metro-North’s history.

The MTA’s Weekender: The Way Around Weekend Work for January 21-22

The MTA’s Weekender: The Way Around Weekend Work for January 21-22

Staten Island Railway Celebrates 1st New Station in 20 Years

MTA opens its first new station for Staten Island Railway on Saturday, January 21.

MTA, NYCDOT Seeks Feedback on L Line Service Alternatives

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) will host a series of jointly held interactive public workshops next month to engage communities in Manhattan and Brooklyn that will be affected by the previously announced repairs to the Canarsie Tunnel on the L line.

Subways Putting New Portable Vacuum Prototypes to Test

The MTA is testing two prototypes of powerful – but portable -- track vacuum systems that can be quickly deployed, operated from platforms, and moved easily from one station to the next. The new units are part of the MTA’s ongoing Track Sweep initiative, which is a multi-pronged plan to dramatically reduce the amount of trash on subway tracks, in the process improving the station environment, and reducing track fires and train delays. The prototype units are both powered by Lithium iron phosphate batteries with a battery management system that protects the batteries and load from over current, and both can be moved from station to station on a conventional revenue train.

Six Public Hearings for LIRR Third Track Expansion Project

There will be six public hearings this week on the LIRR Expansion Project, a new proposal to improve service options and reliability for hundreds of thousands of customers, reduce automobile traffic congestion, and improve safety and quality of life for people in the project corridor. Experts will be on hand to outline the benefits of the project and the public is invited to give their feedback.