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Long Island Rail Road Service Advisory

Service is currently suspended on the Long Beach, Babylon, Far Rockaway, and West Hempstead Branches due to signal trouble at Valley Stream.

Stillwell Terminal Remains a Sparkling Jewel a Decade after Full Rehabilitation

Ten years after its completion, MTA New York City Transit’s second Stillwell Terminal shines as brightly as ever, providing a visually attractive gateway to Coney Island, though its promise of sunlight-generated electric power has been temporarily snuffed – a lingering effect of damage caused by Super Storm Sandy.

Metro-North Improves Air Conditioning at Grand Central with Energy-Efficient Cooling Towers

Grand Central Terminal is now a cooler, more energy-efficient place when it comes to air conditioning. That's because Metro-North Railroad has replaced five old cooling towers atop the terminal with four new more energy efficient ones.

Urban Planner Proposes to Girlfriend During Second Avenue Subway Tour

During a community preview tour of the Second Avenue Subway project at the 86th Street cavern, Adam Meagher surprised his girlfriend, Carolyn Grossman, with a marriage proposal on Sat., May 17, 2014. The two are urban planners and subway enthusiasts. She said yes!

New York City Subway and Long Island Rail Road Are Your Best Ways to World's Fair Anniversary Festival

Heading to Sunday's World's Fair Anniversary Festival? Let mass transit get you there hassle-free? New York City Transit and the Long Island Rail Road will be operating trains all day to the area to celebrate the 50th and 75th anniversaries. Subway customers can take the 7 line to Mets-Willets Point Station which is just steps away from the park. Customers who want to take a ride back in time can take a vintage IRT train between Manhattan and Queens along the 7 line.

Metro-North to Purchase Advanced Track Inspection Equipment

Metro-North track engineers will soon have another way to monitor track inspections. The railroad has announced plans to purchase a new track monitoring system that will be mounted on regular train cars to provide continuous inspection data and complement the in-depth inspections performed twice each year.

FASTRACK Returns to the ACBD in Upper Manhattan

FASTRACK Returns to the A B C D Lines

Metro-North Announces Sweeping Series of Safety Reforms

MTA Metro-North Railroad has announced details of a sweeping series of reforms it is undertaking to better ensure the safety of its customers and employees. The reforms address factors identified during several serious safety incidents over the last year, as well as issues identified by an in-depth Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) review of its operating practices that took place this past winter.

More Service Coming to the L and M Lines

MTA New York City Transit plans to increase service this fall to the L/M lines that serve thousands of customers in growing neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. NYC Transit is adding service to these lines based on analysis of schedules and increased ridership demand.

NYC Transit Marketing Campaign Addresses Sick Customers

It’s Monday morning and you’re rolling downtown on your regular [6] Lexington Avenue Local. The train pulls into 86 St and the doors slide open. They fail to close after a few minutes and then the conductor’s voice comes over the train’s pubic address system: “We are being delayed due to a sick customer onboard.”