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50% Off Truck Tolls at Night

Night Truck Discount Program Coming July 9th 2017

Starting on July 9th, 2017, MTA Bridges and Tunnels will be implementing a 50% reduction in tolls for trucks at all of its crossings.

This summer, Amtrak will be conducting emergency repair work at New York’s Pennsylvania Station. As commuters adjust their travel plans, there will be an impact on the entire regional transportation network. The MTA is initiating a broad range of initiatives to reduce the impact of construction at Penn Station and MTA Bridges and Tunnels is doing its part. To reduce daytime traffic during construction, MTA B&T is offering a 50% discount on trucks travelling at night from July 9 to September 1, 2017.

All E-ZPass, cash, and Tolls by Mail transactions will automatically be charged 50% of the posted rates at the times below. Note these times so that you can plan your travel accordingly to take advantage of the discount. Exceptions will not be made for early or late arrivals and all normal traffic rules remain in effect.



Sunday 10:00 PM

Monday 5:00 AM

Monday 10:00 PM

Tuesday 5:00 AM

Tuesday 10:00 PM

Wednesday 5:00 AM

Wednesday 10:00 PM

Thursday 5:00 AM

Thursday 10:00 PM

Friday 5:00 AM



This applies to all MTA Bridges & Tunnels crossings where trucks are permitted:

Note: Trucks are not permitted at the Henry Hudson Bridge.