New Interior Electronic Strip Maps Coming to Subway Cars on 2 5 Lines

New interior strip map on Lexington Avenue Line

MTA New York City Transit is changing the electronic strip maps for subway cars on the 2 Subway and 5 Subway Lines, making it easier for customers to follow their routes and see where their train is going even when service changes occur.

The new strip maps, coming to the fleet of R142 and R142A cars that run on the 2 Subway and 5 Subway Lines, combine information for both lines but illuminates only the route that is in use. The existing strip maps show route information for either the 2 Subway or the 5 Subway Line only.

The map redesign is consistent with Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s initiative to improve the customer experience with modern amenities such as countdown clocks throughout the network, upgrading the MTA Subway Time app with data for all lines, bringing wireless connectivity to all underground stations, and installing Help Point Intercoms in every station.

The interchangeability of the new electronic map design allows NYC Transit to make better use of its fleet, and improves visual communication with customers beyond onboard digital and audio announcements. These strip maps are unique to the 2 Subway and 5 Subway Lines because they share a fleet of subway cars. The two routes also overlap along several stations in the Bronx and Brooklyn but separate in Manhattan: the 2 Subway on the Seventh Avenue Line and the 5 Subway on the Lexington Avenue Line. On weekdays, both lines share the same terminal at Brooklyn College-Flatbush Av. NYC Transit often uses trains on both lines interchangeably as service warrants.

“We are taking this opportunity to replace strip maps that are more than a decade old and going a step further to improve customer communication by creating this new strip map that shows both the 2 Subway and 5 Subway routes from end to end,” MTA New York City Transit President, Veronique “Ronnie” Hakim said. “The combined strip map lets us reassign trains more fluidly and shows our customers where they’re going, regardless of the train they’ve boarded. The redesign will alleviate customer confusion when trains are reassigned or rerouted from one line to another.”

The new strip maps show the 2 Subway and 5 Subway Lines as red and green lines, respectively, that vary in thickness based on the route in service. Illuminated lights indicate all upcoming stops, while a flashing light shows the current stop. On portions where the 2 Subway and 5 Subway Lines share stops, illuminated lights overlap on both the red and green lines.

The new interior strip map has been installed and successfully tested on one 10-car train. The remainder of the R142 and R142A cars that run on the 2 Subway and 5 Subway Lines will have the new maps installed in the coming months. The process of creating the new maps involved the design and purchase of new strip maps and an extensive reprogramming of the electronic strip map system on all cars assigned to the 2 Subway and 5 Subway Lines.