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MTA Advances Contract to Develop Ticketing Apps For Metro-North Railroad Customers

QR rcode display on smart phone
QR code display on smart phone
Metro-North customers are one step closer to  buying and getting tickets scanned right on their smart phones and tablets. 
Committees of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board have registered their approval of a contract to launch a mobile ticketing program that for the first time would enable Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road customers to buy and display train tickets on their smartphones and tablets. The contract, with Masabi, LLC, moves to the full MTA Board for final consideration on Wednesday. 
Through the program, Metro-North customers would be able to purchase a train ticket before boarding by using a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, and then display the ticket on screen for inspection by a conductor. Conductors would visually verify the digital ticket in the same way that paper monthly and weekly tickets are verified today or could use handheld devices to scan and validate tickets through a process similar to reading a barcode or QR code.
The convenient new option would let railroad customers avoid waiting in line to buy tickets at stations.  It would complement the recently released commuter railroad Train Time apps, which have proven immensely popular with customers.
“This is a step forward as we look to use the latest technologies available to make fare payment at all our agencies easier, faster, and more convenient,” said Thomas F. Prendergast, Chairman and CEO of the MTA.
“Being able to purchase and display train tickets easily via an app will increase customer convenience,” said Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti. “The ability to securely purchase a train ticket anyplace at any time is something our customers have been requesting for quite some time, and it will help transform travel on Metro-North."
The railroads offer four main types of tickets: one-way, ten-trip, monthly and weekly. (Round-trip tickets consist of two one-way tickets.) One-way and ten-trip tickets come in either the peak or discounted off-peak varieties. While all ticket types could potentially be offered through mobile ticketing, not all would necessarily be offered at first. Each railroad may roll-out mobile ticketing through a phased-in approach.
Metro-North Railroad, which handled this procurement for itself and the LIRR, received 11 proposals seeking a mobile ticketing supplier in March 2013. Masabi was one of four firms that were short-listed for more intensive evaluation. 
Masabi is also implementing mobile ticketing programs for MBTA Commuter Rail in Boston, MTS in San Diego, and NICE Bus on Long Island.