23rd Street-Ely Avenue Station becomes Court Square

<p>MTA New York City Transit has renamed the 23rd Street-Ely Avenue IND Queens Boulevard (E, M) station to Court Square-23rd Street, in anticipation of the opening of the free transfer connection between the G and the 7 lines at Court Square later this spring.</p> <p>Changes in the subway maps and automated train announcements are already underway. New station signage will be appearing shortly.</p><p><img src="/sites/default/files/archive/imgs/CourtSq.jpg" alt="" align="left" style="padding-right:10px;">Opened in 1933, the station is located on 44th Drive between 23rd and 21st Streets in Long Island City, Queens. Ely Avenue was the original name of 23rd Street before streets in the borough were given numbers by the Queens Topographical Bureau in 1915. It is the last station in the borough on the Queens Boulevard line before crossing the East River through the 53rd Street tunnel into Manhattan. The station is served by the E train at all times and the M on weekdays (except for the late night hours). There is a moving sidewalk in the passageway connecting the E, M and the G mezzanines.</p><p>The debut of the new free connection between the 7 and G lines will create a unified station complex consisting of the Queens Boulevard E, M, the Flushing 7 and crosstown G lines. When the transfer opens, the 45th Road-Court House Square 7 station will also be renamed Court Square and the G station will drop "Long Island City" (which appears only on the map) from the name. All platforms within the station complex will then have a unifying name.</p>