Digital Video Ad Amazes at Columbus Circle

Digital video probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the subway system, but a new ad at Columbus Circle may just be helping to change that.

This week, Asics unveiled a stunning new advertising campaign featuring high-definition digital video at Columbus Circle, which serves the A/B/C/D and No.1 lines. Although the video is 60 feet wide and spans the length of 26 glass panels, it appears seamless—as if it's being projected across one incredibly wide screen.

The campaign is a win-win for the MTA and Asics. For the MTA, the campaign represents yet another way we're thinking creatively to find new revenue streams that help fund our transit system. For Asics, the massive, coordinated "screen" vastly expands the possibilities of traditional advertising. For instance, at one point the ad asks, "Think you can keep pace with an elite marathoner? Ryan Hall is approaching in ..." Numbers then countdown from ten to one, at which point an image of marathoner Ryan Hall runs across the glass, in real speed.

It gives you a sense of just how fast serious marathoners run, and it's pretty amazing. What's more, MTA customers can actually walk up and touch the ad—or even try to outrace Ryan Hall—as they make their way through the station.

This isn't the first time our subway system has featured digital video. Past digital video ads include another campaign by Asics in Union Square and a campaign by Visa inside the passageway leading to and from the Shuttle train in Times Square. This, however, is the first time digital video has been done on glass panels and the first time digital video in our system has been done on this scale.

Go check it out.

Photo of Columbus Circle Video AdPhoto of Columbus Circle Video Ad
Photo of Columbus Circle Video AdPhoto of Columbus Circle Video Ad