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1 Service Resumes After Derailment
#1 Service Resumes

Workers Toil Overnight to Restore Service on the No. 1 Line After Derailment

Working throughout the night and into the early morning rush period, over a hundred MTA New York City Transit maintenance employees managed to restore service along the 1 Subway Line Icon line a little more than 12 hours after a derailment south of the 125th Street Station in Morningside Heights.  In the meantime, the Department of Buses created a shuttle service which ferried riders between 96th Street and 137th Street.

“Just like everything we do here, this was a team effort and as hard as we had to work to get service back up and running again, things would have been a lot more difficult for our customers without our partners in the Department of Buses,” said Acting Senior Vice President of Subways, Joe Leader.

The incident occurred at 5:50 p.m. when the front truck of a southbound train left the rails near 119th Street just as the line dips back beneath Broadway.  Subway supervision responded quickly, assessed the situation and worked to keep the more than 350 passengers onboard calm.

“With no power, the cars were getting warm and our first concern was removing customers from the incident train,” said Chief Transportation Officer Herbert Lambert.  That feat was accomplished without one customer having to set foot on the roadbed when two ten-car trains were pulled in behind the stalled train, allowing customers to walk from car to car and then safely back onto the platform at 125th Street.  There were no injuries reported.

While this was going on, workers from System Safety, Car Equipment, Third Rail, Track, Signals, Infrastructure and RTO were mobilizing to respond to the scene.  After the initial survey, Car Equipment went to work re-railing the lead car so the train could be removed from area.

Derailed #1 Train in Tunnel Near 125th St
Derailed #1 Train in Tunnel Near 125th Street
Derailed #1 Train in Tunnel Near 125th St
Derailed #1 Train in Tunnel Near 125th Street