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Henry Hudson Bridge Manhattan-bound Toll Plaza Change Coming

Two narrow toll lanes are being merged into one wider lane at the Manhattan-bound Henry Hudson Bridge toll plaza to improve traffic flow for motorists both before and after the toll plaza.

The reconfiguration of the toll lanes is being done in-house by Bridges and Tunnels maintenance personnel and is expected to take three weeks to complete once it begins on Monday, March 24. The two toll lanes that are being combined are under 10-feet wide and will be merged into one 11-foot-6-inch lane with striped buffers on either side.

This will be a positive change for drivers since the Manhattan-bound toll plaza not only has narrow toll lanes but a reverse curve as motorists pass through the plaza, said Traffic Engineer Patrick Sbano. The new wider lane will provide a seamless transition from the bridge, through the toll plaza and onto the Henry Hudson Parkway.

The work includes removing the concrete islands from the lanes, repositioning and then reinstalling toll lane equipment into the new wider toll lane, and re-striping the lane once construction work is finished.

The first week of the project involves eliminating the concrete islands from the plaza and may be noisy at times. In order to get the work done as quickly as possible and lessen impact on traffic, some work may occur overnight but every effort will be made to minimize overnight work, said Project Manager Joe Gugliero.

A work zone will be created around the two tolls lanes that will be combined. Signs will be in place before the bridge and on the bridge to alert drivers to the work and to safely direct them to available toll lanes on either side of the work zone.