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Verrazano-Narrows Reconstructed Father Capodanno Ramp Opens

The Verrazano-Narrow Bridge’s newly reconstructed, two-lane Father Capodanno Boulevard ramp leading onto the Brooklyn-bound bridge lanes is now open to traffic.

The new ramp, which is part of the $50 million, three-year project to improve traffic flow on the bridge’s ramps and approach roadways, was opened before the start of the morning rush on Friday, March 28.

It is the latest milestone reached in the project, which has already seen completion of two other reconstructed Brooklyn-bound ramps at Narrows Road South and Lily Pond Avenue. All of the ramps were widened and safety shoulders were added for the first time.

Contractor Restani Construction Corp., of Queens, will continue to work on the Father Capodanno ramp’s 8-foot-wide safety shoulders. Once this work is finished, the temporary ramp that was put in place to handle traffic while the old ramp was reconstructed will be removed. 

The toll plaza improvement project, which has had a minimal impact on traffic since all current lanes have been maintained since work began, is scheduled to be completed in 2015.

Remaining work includes completion of a new lower level connector ramp from the Staten Island Expressway to the bridge’s Brooklyn-bound lower level, and improvements to the Brooklyn-bound Staten Island Expressway (SIE) roadway leading to the upper level of the bridge. The original toll plaza roadway was designed for stop and go traffic that occurs at a toll plaza but with the elimination of the eastbound toll booths, the SIE eastbound approach to the upper level will be improved to meet current design standards and improve traffic flow.  

The toll plaza and ramp improvement project was carefully planned, designed and coordinated with the New York State Department of Transportation’s Staten Island Expressway improvement project. When finished, both projects will significantly improve traffic flow through the I-278 corridor.