MTA Metro-North Railroad and Rockland County to Strengthen Partnership on TAPPAN ZEExpress Bus

TAPPAN ZEExpress Bus
TAPPAN ZEExpress Bus

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has announced a strengthened partnership between MTA Metro-North Railroad and Rockland County’s commuter bus service, the TAPPAN ZEExpress, to add service on Saturdays and initiate Sunday service for the first time. The changes will make it easier for Rockland County residents to access Metro-North Railroad.

Metro-North Railroad and the Rockland County Department of Public Transportation will work together to expand Saturday TAPPAN ZEExpress bus service by adding eight new trips between Rockland and Westchester Counties, and extending two trips to White Plains. The increased service provides for more frequent service throughout the day.

Metro-North and the Rockland County DPT also will work together to initiate Sunday TAPPAN ZEExpress bus service for the first time. The bus will operate on the same schedule as the newly enhanced Saturday service.

The bus currently makes 24 trips between Rockland and Westchester on Saturdays but has no Sunday service. In the future, it will have 32 trips on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Rockland County DPT will announce the enhanced weekend bus schedules and connections prior to the start of service, which is planned to begin in the first quarter of 2017.

The TAPPAN ZEExpress bus serves seven stops on weekends in Rockland County and traverses the Tappan Zee Bridge to provide a timed, convenient connection with Metro-North Railroad’s Hudson Line at Tarrytown Station. The bus also stops at the White Plains Transportation Center bus hub, which is next door to the Metro-North Harlem Line station in White Plains.

“As we continue to push for strategies to build train and bus ridership, we’re delighted to be able to offer more options for interconnectivity between Metro-North and TAPPAN ZEExpress,” said MTA Chairman and CEO Thomas F. Prendergast. “The changes we’re announcing today will mean Rockland County residents will have an easier time connecting to Metro-North trains on weekends.”

Rockland County Executive Ed Day said: “I would like to express my sincere appreciation to MTA and the Board for their support of Rockland County’s TAPPAN ZEExpress (TZx) commuter bus service. Rockland County commuters rely upon TZx as a key connecting service to Metro-North’s Hudson and Harlem lines in Westchester County. The funding approved today will, for the first time, provide TZx service on Sundays. This is a much-needed and vital improvement, as currently there is no other public transit option between Rockland and Westchester on Sundays. We appreciate MTA and Metro-North stepping up with this additional funding for TZx.”

Senator William J. Larkin, Jr., said: “These are smart, sensible changes that will improve the quality of life in Rockland County. I applaud the MTA and Rockland County for their work on this important issue.”

Senator David Carlucci said: “The Metro-North Railroad and TAPPAN ZEExpress bus lines are part of a critical network that our commuters depend on. Increasing weekend access to these vital services is a major benefit for our growing region. It has always been important to me to expand commuter services and weekend hours. These changes will enable residents of Rockland and Westchester to have more commuting options.”

Assembly Member Ellen C. Jaffee said: “I am pleased to see Rockland’s commuter bus service will increase trips for residents. This is one of the many steps needed to build and repair our transit system. Many Rocklanders work Saturdays and/or Sundays, so this addition will greatly assist those who travel to the city for work or other obligations on the weekends. Adding the new Sunday service will also provide additional options for those who must get into the city or other stops along the way.”

Assembly Member Kenneth P. Zebrowski said: “Any extended service for Rockland County residents to better access our buses and trains is much welcomed news. Newly initiated TAPPAN ZEExpress service on Sundays and the addition of routes on Saturdays will result in more convenient options for residents and will help bridge the gap we have in service on weekends. I applaud the MTA and County for strong partnership on this and look forward to working together to keep improving transportation options for Rocklanders.”