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Fall in Love with E-ZPass

Your car and E-ZPass are a perfect match! Join the 96% of MTA customers who love E-ZPass because of its convenience and savings.

Don’t have E-ZPass yet? Only E-ZPass lets you pay your tolls automatically and provides flexible account management options. Best of all, you can save 30-50% on every MTA toll.

All MTA Bridges and Tunnels are switching to Cashless Tolling in 2017. That means nobody will have to stop, weave or merge to pay tolls at an MTA bridge or tunnel again. E-ZPass works great with Cashless Tolling because you save money and you avoid getting toll bills in the mail.

If you already have E-ZPass, make sure your tag is mounted properly on your windshield to you get your 30-50% MTA toll discount every time. If your tag isn’t mounted, we can help—just click here to get a free set of mounting strips. And when you get a new car or a replacement windshield, you can always get more at the E-ZPass Customer Service Center. Valentine’s Day comes once a year but you can enjoy savings for the years to come with a properly mounted E-ZPass.

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