MetroCard Vending Machines to Undergo Software Upgrade During Early AM Hours Saturday

A major software upgrade is coming to Metrocard Vending Machines this weekend.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced that during the very early morning hours Saturday, Feb. 10, between 12:01 a.m. and 6:00 a.m, MetroCard Vending Machines will not process credit and debit transactions. The overnight timing of the upgrade was chosen for when ridership is at its lowest and will help minimize the impact on the vast majority of New York City Transit customers. All machines will be accepting credit and debit cards again beginning at on Saturday, Feb. 10. This upgrade impacts all MetroCard Vending Machines, in subway stations, PATH stations, the JFK AirTrain system and at LaGuardia Airport.

New York City Transit Subway staff in stations will help any customers with information during the system update. Customers without cash will be accommodated by station personnel during the upgrade if necessary as well. Staff will also be available with information for people who call 511 or use the “information” button on any Help Point kiosk. As always, social media staff will respond 24/7 to any customer concerns on Twitter at @NYCTSubway.

“After hearing clearly from our customers that they needed more information regarding this upgrade, we reassessed the entire process,” said MTA Managing Director Veronique Hakim. “We are aggressively communicating with customers about this upgrade to ensure that we avoid confusion, and limiting the disruption to only the very early morning hours Saturday.”

The upgrade is being performed centrally on mainframe computers, and is being done to further improve the reliability and security of credit and debit card transactions on all MetroCard Vending Machines, which collectively process approximately 800,000 transactions per day. Cash transactions are unaffected during the upgrade.

The MTA is currently working with the Cubic Corporation to develop a modern, world-class replacement for the MetroCard system. Over the next several years, a new system will be phased in which will allow customers to pay for rides using their own smartphones and state of the art cards linked directly to payment accounts. Fare payment cards purchased with cash will always remain available. For more information about the next-generation replacement to the MetroCard, see here.

Customers currently seeking to use credit, debit or bank accounts to automatically pay for rides without needing MetroCard Vending Machines may sign up for an EasyPayXPress card, at