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July 8, 2014
Beware of E-ZPass Email Phishing Scam

MTA Bridges and Tunnels is warning people to beware of a new email phishing scam that appears to be an attempt to collect unpaid tolls.  A sample of the email is attached here.

Please be advised that this is not an authorized communication from E-ZPass, MTA Bridges and Tunnels or any other toll agency associated with E-ZPass. A sample of the email is attached below.

We advise you not to open or respond to such a message. The safest thing to do is to delete the email.

The E-ZPass Service Center does not send out email invoices for payment. If you owe money for using

E-ZPass on a toll facility, the E-ZPass service center will send an invoice through the US Postal Service for payment.  

If you have any questions about the validity of any message received from E-ZPass, please contact the

E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center at 800-333-8655.