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February 28, 2008
E-ZPass on-the-Go on Sale Now at Select New York Area Stores: Simply Get It and Go

E-ZPass on the Go


"E-ZPass on-the-Go" on Sale Now

at Select New York Area Stores:

Simply Get It and "Go"

MTA Bridges and Tunnels is now offering E-ZPass-on- the-Go, a pre-paid E-ZPass tag designed to make it really easy for the 25% of customers still paying cash to try this electronic device that saves time, money, and gas.

In a pilot program starting this week, the $30 pre-paid tag goes on sale at 132 select retail locations in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Long island, including all 100 Pay-O-Matic check-cashing stores, select 7 Elevens, gas stations and pharmacies.

This is an especially good time to be an E-ZPass customer, since the toll on most MTA bridges and tunnels will go from $4.50 to $5 on March 16, and E-ZPass customers will pay only $4.15. For a regular commuter that's more than $400 in annual savings under the new toll.

"Simply put, anyone who drives around the city will benefit from using E-ZPass," said the agency's Acting President David Moretti. "The cost and time savings make more sense than ever."

E-ZPass-on-the-Go works like this: the customer purchases the pre-paid tag at the store and can use up to $20 to pay tolls immediately; $10 is a deposit on the tag. Once the tag has been used for the first time, the customer has two days (48 hours) to register the tag by going to the website or calling a toll free number on the tag. If the tag is registered as an account linked to a credit card account, then the $10 deposit also becomes available for toll use. About 85% of E-ZPass users have accounts linked to their credit cards. If the tag is registered as an account to be paid by check or cash, then the $10 remains as a deposit for the tag.

The E-ZPass customer base has grown steadily each year since MTA introduced the technology to New York City motorists in 1995. Increased E-ZPass usage is also good for New York and surrounding areas—swifter traffic flowing through toll lanes is better for the environment. Currently, Bridges and Tunnels has nearly 3 million E-ZPass tags in circulation. For general information about E-ZPass, visit the website at: or call 1-800-333-TOLL.

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In addition to MTA's seven bridges and two tunnels linking New York City's boroughs, E-ZPass is also good at 22 agencies across the eastern United States from Maine to Virginia and if you are traveling west from New York City to Chicago.

MTA Bridges and Tunnels facilities, which serve more than 830,000 daily customers, are the Bronx-Whitestone, Cross Bay Veterans Memorial, Henry Hudson, Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial, Throgs Neck, Triborough and Verrazano-Narrows Bridges, and the Brooklyn-Battery and Queens Midtown Tunnels.

The pilot program concentrated on existing Metrocard vendors in the Bronx and Queens in seeking locations since the lowest E-ZPass use is at the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge and the Bronx plaza of the Triborough Bridge. E-ZPass-on-the-Go is available at the following stores and locations:

Pay-O-Matic @ 100 New York City locations; for locations visit:

The Bronx:

7-Eleven: 1590 Hutchinson River Parkway

Manor Pharmacy: 1577A Westchester Avenue

Nor-West Service Station: 91 Westchester Square


A & R Grocery: 5910 92nd Street

BP Gas Station: 212-01 Hillside Avenue

Jem Jay Drug: 224-12 Merrick Blvd.

Bel-Air Payroll Services: 205-17 Hollis Ave.; 159-17 Northern Blvd.;

207-14 Northern Blvd.;134-10 Guy R. Brewer Blvd.; 87-12 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

Meadow Park Pharmacy: 108-07 Corona Avenue

Medi Health Drugs: 40-34 Union Street

Medi Space Drugs: 41-39 Main Street

Nor-Crest Service Station: 178-02 Union Turnpike Turnpike

Nor-East Service Station: 25-65 Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Nor-Cross Bay Service Station: 17-55 Francis Lewis Blvd., 29-16 Francis Lewis Blvd.

Nor-Meadow Service Station: 164-05 Union Turnpike

Nor-Spring Service Station: 79-10 Springfield Blvd.

Nor-Way Service Station: 91-11 Roosevelt Avenue

7-Eleven: 30-01 30th Avenue; 168-01 Union Turnpike; 101-04 Metropolitan Avenue;

246-15 Northern Blvd.

The UPS Store: 229 19 Merrick Blvd.

YS Drug Store: 136-98 Roosevelt Avenue

Whartons Apothecary: 901 Cross Bay Blvd.


A Thru Z Motor Vehicle: 4021 14th Avenue

7-Eleven: 2702 Knapp Street and 64-15 Third Avenue

Long Island:

7-Eleven: 225-08 Jamaica Avenue, Floral Park, NY.