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May 22, 2013
Routine Maintenance Work Suspended Over Memorial Day Weekend


MTA Bridges and Tunnels will suspend all routine maintenance work beginning 1 p.m. on Friday, May 24 through the end of the morning rush on Tuesday, May 28 to accommodate motorists traveling over the Memorial Day weekend.


"We know people will be heading out for a long weekend with family and friends so we’ve asked our contractors to pick up all scheduled construction work early," said Bridges and Tunnels Vice President and Chief of Operations James Fortunato.


Memorial Day weekend is among the busiest weekends at the agency’s seven bridges and two tunnels. In 2012, 2.9 million drivers used MTA crossings from Friday through Monday. Friday remained the key travel day, with 877,000 trips taken.


Motorists with E-ZPass are reminded to have their transponders securely fastened before they reach the toll plaza. Don’t be a tag waver. E-ZPass readers cannot always read a tag if they are not securely fastened, which could result in a violation notice being sent.


Pre-packaged E-ZPass On-the-Go tags can be purchased in cash lanes at MTA crossings. The tag costs $30 and the cost of the cash toll trip. It can be used immediately to pay for up to $30 in tolls if it is registered and linked to a credit card or $20 in tolls if it is not. The remaining $10 is a tag deposit, which is put back into the account once linked to a credit card. After it’s used once, the tag must be registered within 48 hours.


Signing up for e-mail or text alerts and downloading Bridge’s and Tunnels’ MTA Bridges and Tunnels’ Drive Time application is another way to view current travel speeds and travel times at MTA crossings before hitting the road. iPhone and Android versions of this app is available at Google play and Apple’s iPhone App store.