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July 22, 2020
Long Island Rail Road Adds Korean to Group of Languages Included in TrainTime App
Addition Increases the Number of Riders Who Can Access Vital Real-Time Information: Car Capacity Tracker, GPS Location and More

The Long Island Rail Road today announced that Korean has been added to the group of languages included in its recently revamped TrainTime app. This will allow more customers to easily navigate their commute, and, with the capacity tracker function, gauge the number of seats available in each car at any time so that they can make informed decisions based on real-time data showing how many customers are on each train car.

The TrainTime app was initially available in English, Spanish and Chinese. With the addition of Korean, the app will now be capable of translating the four most common languages used by LIRR’s riders.

"The TrainTime app update has been a game-changer for our customers, delivering real-time information they need as they use our system. With the new Korean translation option, in addition to the Spanish and Chinese already available, this means more customers can feel confident that they can access important information for a successful and easy trip with us," said LIRR President Phil Eng. "Part of Long Island's pride is our diverse population, and we're proud to serve each and every one of our customers as we strive to be more inclusive for all."

“This is our first app to be translated into a variety of languages and it reflects the diversity of our customers,” said LIRR Chief Innovation Officer Will Fisher. “We want to make everyone’s commute as easy as possible and eliminating any possible language barrier is a huge win.”

“Adding Korean to the group of languages was something I felt strongly about and I am pleased the LIRR was able to make it happen so quickly,” said Assemblyman Edward C. Braunstein. “The revamped TrainTime app is a great tool, and with Korean translation now available, even more riders will find their commute that much easier.”

"Many of the LIRR's riders are members of Northeast Queens' large, vibrant Korean American community," said Assemblymember Ron Kim. "Adding Korean to the TrainTime app is an essential step towards greater access and ease of use for commuters in our neighborhoods, and I hope more riders will make use of this new, convenient tool for their trips." 

LIRR customers were introduced on June 16 to the capacity tracker along with a host of other features within the TrainTime app as part of the update including:

  • Real-time train location: This provides customers with the ability to track real-time location of their train in much the same way as someone taking an Uber ride.
  • Trip sharing: Customers can easily share location information with friends or family so that they can easily be picked up at their destination.
  • Push notifications: Customers can now opt-in for push notifications for track assignments at Penn Station, Atlantic Terminal, and Jamaica Station. This allows riders to spread out throughout our station complexes rather than standing in immediate proximity to departure boards.

On electric M7 trains, the real-time seat tracking function works by measuring the payload of each car’s suspension system. LIRR modified the software on the car to transmit this weight value to a central server, from which a nearly precise estimate of how many customers are on board can be derived.  On the newer M9 electric train cars, the doorways on each car are equipped with infrared sensors that counts the number of times a person walks in or out of the door.

The app’s new features were built entirely in-house by LIRR developers and staff with an intimate understanding of the LIRR’s complex system. The team designed numerous bespoke solutions tailored specifically to LIRR while incorporating customer feedback to help bring an improved customer experience for both frequent commuters and first-time users.