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Press Release
May 21, 2013
Limited Metro-North Railroad and Amtrak Train Service Resumes Today
Extraordinary Effort Returns One Track to Service


Limited Metro-North Railroad and Amtrak train service will resume this afternoon between New York and New Haven, followed by regular service on Wednesday, MTA Metro-North Railroad, the Connecticut Department of Transportation and Amtrak announced.
With one of the two damaged tracks rebuilt and returned to service, beginning with the 3:07 p.m. departure from Grand Central Terminal, Metro-North will operate about half of the regular eastbound PM peak service and regular hourly westbound service with the 4:23 PM train from New Haven. Metro-North will continue to operate on a regular schedule between Grand Central and South Norwalk in both directions.  
On Friday, May 17, a Metro-North train derailed in Bridgeport and was struck by another train going in the opposite direction.   
“We recognize the critical importance of both Metro-North Railroad and Amtrak to the regional economy,” said Metro-North President Howard Permut. “Although reconstruction and testing of the second track will not be completed until late tonight, enough work has been completed to allow us to operate this limited service in advance of resuming our regular schedule on Wednesday.” 
The operation will require a reduced speed of 30 miles per hour, standard for all new track installations.  Trains will only be able to use a single track for a distance of seven miles in the area around Bridgeport, CT. Metro-North expects there will be delays as a result.
Metro-North will reinstate regular weekday service to-from New Haven on Wednesday morning.
The track has been rebuilt from the ground up to current Federal Railroad Administration standards using all new materials.  After the track was rebuilt, it underwent rigorous testing. The track was subjected to a stabilizer machine, which simulates heavy rail traffic using vibrations.  This machine compacts the stone ballast and stabilizes the new track. All signal testing was conducted by Metro-North forces and observed by the FRA and the National Transportation Safety Board.  Metro-North is actively supporting the NTSB, which is conducting a thorough investigation of the derailment and subsequent collision Friday night in Bridgeport.
The new track also was subjected to ultrasonic testing designed to detect internal defects in the running rail with no exceptions. In addition, the track geometry car was utilized over the new track to verify that the track is in the proper vertical and horizontal alignment. 
The speed of the rebuilding effort was the result of the extraordinary efforts of hundreds of skilled people in multiple crafts working around the clock since Saturday night.
Service Plan
Limited train service resumes to New Haven at 3 PM on Tuesday, May 21 and for the remainder of the day.  Customers should expect delays.
To New Haven
Regular train service from Grand Central Terminal (GCT) to South Norwalk station; with limited service to New Haven Station (representing 50% of regular service) 
  • The first train is the 3:07 PM train leaving GCT and arriving in New Haven at 5 PM
To Grand Central Terminal
Regular train service from New Haven Station to Grand Central Terminal
  • The first train is the 4:23 PM train leaving New Haven and arriving in GCT at 6:17 PM 
Regular train service continues on the branch lines.
For train information on which trains will run through to New Haven and which will terminate at South Norwalk, please refer to the schedules page at