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Press Release
November 13, 2017
Metro-North Completes Comprehensive Improvements to Port Jervis Line
Regular Train Service Resumes on Monday, November 20

Metro-North today announced that the railroad completed comprehensive infrastructure improvement projects to the Port Jervis Line, between Port Jervis and Harriman, which got underway on September 11.

With the projects complete, buses will no longer need to substitute for weekday, off-peak trains between Port Jervis and Harriman. Friday, November 17 is the last day that buses will substitute for trains, and regular train service on the Port Jervis Line resumes on Monday, November 20.

Metro-North crews made extensive upgrades to the Port Jervis Line. Crews made structural repairs are at the Moodna and Woodbury Viaducts, and after successfully removing the defunct overheard bridge at Day Road in Campbell Hall, the town can establish formal cul-de-sacs on either end. Crews also finished an important rock slope remediation project, inspecting and reinforcing the rock slopes adjacent to the tracks between Port Jervis and Harriman to made sure that they were free of any loose rocks and brush that could fall on to the tracks and cause delays.

Metro-North crews took advantage of the service outage between Port Jervis and Harriman to install 12,639 wooden ties, 4,571 feet of welded rail, three new switches, surface 7.6 miles of track and complete 19 field welds.

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