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Press Release
September 24, 2018
Metro-North First Railroad in North America to Achieve Internationally Recognized Certification for Energy Efficiency
Certification Establishes Metro-North as Pioneer in Energy Conservation in Transportation Industry

The MTA today announced that Metro-North has become the first railroad in North America to achieve ISO-50001 Certification, an internationally recognized framework that guides and supports organizations to manage energy more efficiently.

As an ISO certified railroad, Metro-North is not only doing its part to preserve the environment for future generations, the railroad is reducing its operating expenses. The certification puts Metro-North on a path to save $2 million annually by 2020 and further reduce its carbon footprint.

Metro-North received the certification after establishing an integrated system to monitor and improve how all energy is used throughout the railroad, encompassing traction power substations, diesel locomotives, heating fuel boilers, and lighting systems at facilities such as Grand Central Terminal and shops and yards. A new energy management system software allows Metro-North to more accurately track energy use, better identify ways to reduce consumption and save money.

Metro-North employees are actively involved in this conservation effort. Employees have been trained to seek out ways the railroad can reduce energy, and their suggestions are then relayed to a special energy group to evaluate and enact changes.

Initiatives to minimize the impact on our environment include: energy efficient upgrades at major rail yards; green buildings that use sustainable technology and non-toxic materials; recycling shop materials, everything from lightbulbs to batteries to used petroleum products; and installing a fuel monitoring and leak detection system. Future projects in development include a wayside energy storage system and lighting and utility improvements to Grand Central Terminal, which will all add up to significant reductions in consumption and cost.

In 2012, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo directed state entities to set energy reduction goals to create a greener, more sustainable future for all. Metro-North’s ISO certification supports this executive order to put polices in places that promote the efficient use of energy and natural resources in the interest of the long-term protection and enhancement of the state's environment, economy and public health.

“I am proud that we can offer our customers safe and reliable service while also being a responsible steward of our environment,” said Catherine Rinaldi, Metro-North President. “Our team here at Metro-North worked diligently for three years to achieve the ISO-50001 certification, and I commend their efforts to find ways to use energy efficiently and reduce our carbon footprint.”

“The railroad is now in full compliance with international standards to review its energy use, manage its energy consumption and conserve natural resources,” said John Kesich, Senior Vice President of Operations. “We are better focused on innovative, energy efficient, and cost-effective ways of maintaining and rebuilding our infrastructure.”