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June 5, 2014
Schedule Adjustment to Improve Connections, Reduce Crowding
July 7 Brings Minor Changes to Some Harlem and New Haven Line Customers
MTA Metro-North Railroad, which implemented a major schedule change last month that affected most of its 700 daily trains, will further refine the timetable effective July 7.  And one change will occur this Monday, June 9 - the first Waterbury train will be extended from Bridgeport to Stamford.
The minor changes to a handful of morning rush hour trains are intended to improve the customer experience by reducing crowding and enhancing connections. They come as a result of crew observations, customer counts, customer feedback and Metro-North’s ongoing monitoring of the service.
In addition, the railroad, as of June 2, has added cars to seven AM Peak New Haven Line trains and three PM Peak New Haven Line trains to reduce crowding.
The changes (of typically less than 7 minutes) are primarily on the New Haven Line, which has 13 changes, including the Waterbury train, one northbound morning rush hour Danbury train, and one PM peak mainline train.  
To accommodate the New Haven Line changes on the shared tracks between Woodlawn and Grand Central, departure times of three Harlem Line trains also are being slightly adjusted to allow for a smooth convergence of the lines at Woodlawn Junction. 
No Hudson Line trains are affected. 
The railroad also is changing the sequence of stops on two trains to better balance customer loading.  Some changes are being made to allow for better connections between trains. 
The current off-peak Danbury bus/train schedule also has been extended until the new timetable takes effect to allow for completion of grade crossing signal work.
The railroad will continue to monitor and analyze ridership patterns, train performance and customer feedback and make additional adjustments as needed in the fall timetable. 
The July 7 timetable will be posted on the Metro-North website on Friday, June 6 on the interactive search page and as a document next week.  Printed timetables will be available on June 27.
-       The 5:46 a.m. from Waterbury will be extended on Monday June 9 from Bridgeport and terminate at Stamford restoring a one-seat ride to Stamford. To accomplish this change, the first northbound train on the Danbury will be adjusted.
-       The 7:33 a.m. to Danbury will depart South Norwalk 10 minutes later but the arrival time at Danbury will not change.
-       The 6:50 a.m. all-stops local from Stamford to Grand Central will depart six minutes later to restore a connection with a train arriving from New Haven at 6:52 a.m. To accommodate this change and ensure that trains mesh appropriately at Woodlawn, three additional adjustments are required:
-       The 6:55 a.m. semi-express from Stamford will operate five minutes earlier.
-       The 7:29 a.m. from New Rochelle will operate seven minutes earlier.
-       The 7:28 a.m. from Harrison will operate three minutes later.
-       -
-       The 6:20 a.m. from New Haven to Grand Central will add stops at Old Greenwich, Riverside and Cos Cob but no longer stop at Port Chester or Rye.
-       7:33 a.m. - A new express train will depart Greenwich and stop at Port Chester and Rye only.
-       The 6:35 p.m., the only PM peak change, will depart Grand Central for New Haven four minutes earlier.
-       Four late night locals from Stamford to Grand Central will arrive four minutes later to accommodate construction work on the New Haven Line.
- The 6:46 a.m. from Goldens Bridge to Grand Central that currently stops at White Plains at 7:18 a.m. will now stop at White Plains at 7:16 a.m., and will arrive at Harlem-125th Street and Grand Central Terminal two minutes earlier.
- The 7:11 a.m. local from North White Plains to Grand Central will depart at 7:17 a.m. and run 5-6 minutes later at all station stops.
- The 7:34 a.m. express from North White Plains to Grand Central will depart one minute later at North White Plains and White Plains stations and arrive Harlem-125th Street and Grand Central two minutes later.