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May 16, 2003
MTA And TransitChek Reach Access-A-Ride Agreement

Paratransit customers who also take advantage of the benefits of TransitChek can now pay for their trips with Access-A-Ride trip coupons after an agreement was reached between the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and TransitCenter, Inc.

This money-saving, pre-tax benefit was temporarily unavailable to Access-A-Ride customers after the NYC Transit token was eliminated earlier this month. However, efforts were ongoing to aid the people who use TransitChek.

Customers who receive their TransitCheks directly from their employers should either mail their voucher back to TransitCenter in exchange for coupons or their employer can get the coupons directly from TransitCenter.

Customers whose employers participate in TransitCenter's Premium Program, can call Transit Center to receive Access-A-Ride coupons through the mail directly from TransitCenter. For more information, customers and employers can visit TransitCenter's website at, or call 1-800-622-5000.

Access-A-Ride provides 9,000 trips a day for persons with disabilities.