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November 6, 2001
MTA Announces New Name for Website

MTA Chairman Peter S. Kalikow today announced a new address for the MTA's website:

Chairman Kalikow proposed renaming the site earlier this fall in order to simplify the current, address which was long and difficult to remember. The domain name ".info" has recently been created to supplement the more familiar domains of .com, .org, and .net.

"I've always thought that technology is only helpful if it's easy to use. Our website is terrific and is loaded with lots of important information for our customers, but it currently has an address that is too hard to remember. Here's a simple fix that will make our site even more accessible and useful," he said.

"That accessibility has never been more critical than it is now. When I saw how much our 8 million customers relied on our website-based communication efforts after the September 11th incident, I realized that making access better was an important priority for the MTA," said Chairman Kalikow. MTA website usage shot up from 200,000 hits a day prior to September 11th, to nearly 10 million by the end of that week.

MTA customers can depend on obtaining up-to-the-minute details for MTA New York City Transit subways and buses, MTA Long Island Rail Road, MTA Long Island Bus, MTA Metro-North Railroad, and MTA Bridges and Tunnels using the new address. The MTA's old website address will be usable for some time and so will bookmarks/ favorites using the old address. However, it is recommended that users update them as soon as possible.