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October 18, 1999
MTA Chairman Unveils "Bronxville Eagle" at Grand Central Terminal

MTA Chairman E. Virgil Conway today unveiled a 1.5-ton cast iron bald eagle that now adorns the new entrance to Grand Central Terminal. Joining him were Laurie Hawkes and Paul Grand Pre, the couple who donated the eagle to the MTA after discovering the sculpture in the yard of their Bronxville home.

The eagle, which was one of 12 that had perched atop the original Grand Central Terminal 1898, was removed in 1910. It ultimately came to rest on the grounds of collectors Ms. Hawkes' and Mr. Grand Pre's Westchester home.

Chairman Conway said, "Ms. Hawkes graciously offered me this noble symbol of Grand Central's historic past. Having finally flown home, I'm pleased that it can now permanently nest over the new Lexington Avenue entrance to the Grand Central Market."

Chairman Conway arranged for its triumphant return as part of the Terminal's rededication in 1998. The eagle was restored for MTA Metro-North Railroad by Architectural Iron Company and Evergreen Studios. It is finished in gold and palladium leaf and brown paints.