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July 7, 2004
MTA Music Under New York Launches A Summer Concert Series, {{Above Ground}}

MTA Arts for Transit announces {{Above Ground[/i], a special Music Under New York (MUNY) series of performances scheduled above the subway system this summer on New York City streets and other busy locations.

"MUNY has made the subway ride an enjoyable experience and Above Ground is a great way to share the success of the program with new audiences all around New York, " said MTA Chairman Peter S. Kalikow. "Music is part of the summertime excitement, and we are very pleased that MUNY musicians are enlightening the transit system with above and underground performances."

The mini-concerts will include a range of MUNY individuals and groups such as Roy Campbell's Jazz Quartet; Andean Raices group; Classical/Cajun celloist Sean Grissom as well as others, in a variety of locations such as Shea Stadium, American Museum of Natural History and Harlem.

Since 1987, MTA Arts for Transit's Music Under New York has provided opportunities for artistic individuals and groups to perform in some of the busiest, most visible locations of New York City, the heart of the transit network. It sponsors more than 100 individual performers and ensembles ranging from Classical to Cajun, African to South American and Jazz to folk participating in over 150 weekly performances at over 25 locations throughout the transit system.

Music Under New York is one of several of MTA Arts for Transit's programs. {{Music Above Ground[/i] performances will occur throughout the summer and end in late October. For more information, log on to the MTA web site.