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April 29, 1997
MTA Negotiates Subway Car Purchase Agreement

After round-the-clock negotiations, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority reached an historic agreement for the largest subway car purchase in history. This agreement represents the culmination of the most comprehensive bidding process ever undertaken by the MTA. This process generated a highly competitive atmosphere, in which the MTA secured extremely advantageous pricing. As a result, the MTA was able to increase the purchase to 1,080 subway cars from an originally planned purchase of 740. The MTA Board will consider the contracts for the purchase of 680 cars from Bombardier, Plattsburgh, and 400 cars from Kawasaki, Yonkers, at its meeting tomorrow, April 30.

Governor George E. Pataki said, "I'm encouraged by the MTA's decision to consider theseimportant contracts, which if approved, would help improve mass transit for millions of NewYorkers, protect and enhance our environment, and retain and create hundreds of new jobs for New York-based manufacturing plants."

E. Virgil Conway, Chairman of the MTA said, "This agreement enables us to update our fleet with the highest quality cars available on the market. We have achieved our goal of improving customer service at a substantial savings to taxpayers."