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April 18, 2007
MTA Promotes Public Transportation as the Pollution Solution for Earth Day

Executive Director Lee Sander to Address EarthFair Friday Outside Grand Central Terminal

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will celebrate public transportation's role as the "pollution solution" at an Earth Day celebration beginning on Friday. The MTA is a lead sponsor of EarthFair Outside, a two-day green festival held on the streets surrounding MTA's Grand Central Terminal. MTA Executive Director and CEO Elliot G. Sander will greet transit riders at the agency's exhibit - a working hybrid-electric NYC Transit bus - and distribute a limited number of free MetroCards. Sander will appear at 44th Street and Vanderbilt Avenue at 12:00 pm on Friday to kick off the event, which runs from noon on Friday until dusk on Saturday.

Sander will highlight some exciting eco-facts about the tremendous benefit to the environment of public transportation:

  • Every full rail car keeps 75 to 125 cars off the road.
  • Every bus full of passengers removes 40 cars from the road.
  • Traffic congestion in the NY metropolitan area costs businesses an estimated 350,000 work hours every day, draining productivity and pushing up prices.
  • Public transportation cuts fuel consumption in the New York region by 1.33 billion gallons annually.
  • Without public transit, 1.5 million more cars would enter Manhattan's central business district during rush hour - violating federal pollution standards every day.
  • New York's public transportation keeps millions of pounds of pollutants out of the air - and our lungs - each year:
    • 94 million lbs. of carbon monoxide
    • 14 million lbs. of hydrocarbons
    • 1.5 million lbs. of soot and particulate matter
  • MTA Metro-North Railroad has the largest transit recycling effort in the United States: over 800 tons of newsprint and cardboard a year.

"Taking public transportation is something New Yorkers can do every single day to reduce their carbon footprint and fight global warming," Sander said. "We want to send the message that the MTA can be your daily 'pollution solution'."