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May 16, 2007
MTA Recognizes Officers for Their Outstanding Work

Awards Ceremony Presents Medals for Commendable Acts

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police held its 9th Annual Awards Ceremony today to recognize the outstanding work of the MTA police in a variety of acts during 2006. Almost 70 members of the force received medals for their extraordinary heroism while in the performance of duty.

"The MTA police force performs outstanding work on a daily basis to keep our riders, employees, and facilities safe and secure," said Elliot G. Sander, MTA Executive Director and CEO. "We commend this brave police force for having an ongoing commitment to the continued security of New York's transportation network."

The 2006 Annual Awards Ceremony recognizes MTA police who went beyond their duties to safeguard the MTA riders and the community. The MTA police force will get the following honors:

  • Medal of Honor awarded to a member for individual acts of extraordinary bravery. Sergeant Nelson Perez and Police Officer Paul Dunn are the recipients of this award for their actions on September 25, 2006 when they apprehended a person wanted for homicide in Rhode Island. In the incident, the officers investigated a vehicle blocking the street and as they approached the car, the officers observed the individual was in possession of a knife. The officers used verbal commands in an attempt to gain compliance, but the individual began swinging the knife at them. The officers used O/C spray and ordered the individual to drop the weapon, but the person exited the vehicle and charged the officers. Sergeant Perez and Officer Dunn discharged their weapon and terminated the attack.
  • Medal of Merit awarded to a member for an act of extraordinary heroism. Members of the Special Division Canine Unit assisted the Putnam County Sheriff's Department during an incident involving a barricaded emotionally disturbed person. The person was known to be a drug user and suicidal. The MTA police K9 unit tried to establish contact with the individual. After several attempts, the officers ordered the individual out of the residence and, finally, the person surrendered without incident.
  • Medal of Merit awarded to Police Officers Michael Cotton and Juan Murillo for quickly acting during a fire. The officers observed a raging fire coming out of an apartment building located on the co rner of 37th Street and Park Avenue. The officers instructed the doorman to call FDNY and went to the top floor where they proceeded to evacuate the residents safely and expeditiously. The officers remained on the scene to assist the Fire Department with their operations.
  • Chief of Police Certificate Commendation award given to several members of MTA police for their performance of commendable acts.
  • Seven honorees are the recipients of this year's Chief of Police Civilian Commendation award given to a civilian for an act of outstanding heroism.

The MTA police force, consisting of 743 members, is in charge of patrolling the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Bus, and Staten Island Railway. The MTA police also patrols Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station.