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May 15, 2003
MTA Requests Fast Appeals Court Ruling

MTA Chairman Peter S. Kalikow said today the MTA has taken the unusual step of requesting an appeals court to expedite its consideration of the decision to invalidate the fare increase notice and the MTA Board's decision to raise the fares.

Although Justice York's decision was stayed automatically, as a matter of law, the MTA is seeking the Appellate Division's quick consideration to minimize the uncertainty that this litigation has caused the customers of the system.

Kalikow, said, "No one has contested the MTA's need to raise $900M from the farebox over the 2003-2004 period. Not the Comptroller, not the Straphangers, not the Petitioners and not the Judge. Putting our customers on an emotional roller-coaster is just unfair. The fare increase will stay in effect unless the Appeals Court tells us to rescind it."