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February 1, 2013
MTA Service Advisory: Huge Manhattan Water Main Break Disrupts Broadway Line
Crews Restore Express Service at 6pm

Transit workers descended on the Broadway Line's 23rd Street Station to clean up the mess left by a massive water main break that occurred late this morning. The pipe burst shortly before 10:45 a.m., sending a torrent of water onto the platforms and tracks as 750 gallons of water a minute escaped the broken main. Before DEP workers managed to shut off the flow, all four tracks and third rails were submerged in water.

The deluge of water forced a suspension of Broadway Line NQR service from DeKalb Avenue and Whitehall Street to 57th Street, and caused a cascading disruption to train service on the B and D Lines as well. Portable pumps were brought in to clear the water which stretched for a distance of about 1,000 feet. After the water was pumped, workers inspected the rails and signal components.

The motors powering the automatic stop arms on signals were removed, opened and contents cleaned and dried by hand. The motors were then reassembled with any damaged components replaced. Express service was restored at 6pm. There is still no local service between Canal Street and 57th Street in both directions. Service on the local tracks is expected to be restored later in the evening.

Current service is as follows:

B: Normal service; some trains via southbound local, (Prospect Park-Brighton Beach)

D: Normal service;

N: Express in Manhattan and via the Montague Street Tunnel to/from Brooklyn

Q: Normal service

R: Both directions via the F between 36th Street (Qns) and 47th-50th Street/Rockefeller Center then run on the D line in both directions between and 47th-50th Street/Rockefeller Center and DeKalb Avenue.