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September 23, 2003
MTA Statement Regarding Court Of Appeals Action

The MTA was informed today that the Court of Appeals denied the motion for leave to appeal by the petitioners in the fare and toll increase cases.

MTA Chairman Peter S. Kalikow said, "We are pleased that the unanimous ruling by the Appellate Division will stand. The MTA Board's March 2003 determination to increase fares and tolls for the first time in eight years was a difficult decision made in the best interests of our regional transportation system."

MTA Executive Director Katherine N. Lapp said, "Raising fares is a difficult decision and we are obviously pleased the Court recognized that the MTA followed all proper procedures." Ms. Lapp added, "Over the past several months, while this issue was before the Court, we also determined that it was in the public interest to adopt a series of sweeping financial changes to make our budget process even more public and transparent.