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August 26, 2004
Safety Vests to Protect MTA K-9 Unit^Donation Enhances the Safety of Trained Dogs

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Peter Kalikow acknowledged Dr. Joan Zofnass for the donation of vests to the MTA K-9 Unit to enhance the safety of dogs. Dr. Zofnass honored her late sister's wish to protect animals by donating resources to safeguard their well being.

"This gift is an outstanding example of public spiritedness and the mark of a real New Yorker," Kalikow said. "I know all the MTA Police Officers and all the members of the K-9 Unit appreciate your generosity and forethought in donating protective vests for this special unit."

Dr. Zofnass contacted the MTA K-9 Unit with the idea of donating the protective vests to honor Emily Zofnass who left the value of her estate for the betterment of animals. The total cost of the safety vests to the K-9 Unit was $17,000.

"Dogs and police officers work hand in hand and both need to be protected. It is good to let other people know that we all can do more to protect our security forces," said Dr. Zofnass.

All seventeen dogs of the MTA K-9 Unit have been wearing the anatomically designed protective vests to cover the front, back, and the side from bullets, punches, and blasts. The K-9 Unit is trained to search for explosive devices.

The MTA Police K-9 Unit has provided full policing services throughout the MTA system protecting MTA's riders, rail lines, and property. For more information, log on to the MTA web site.