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March 8, 2002
Statement of Katherine N. Lapp, Executive Director NYS Metropolitan Transportation Authority

We have received the Appellate Division's decision, issued yesterday, regarding public hearings and the hours of operations for token booths. The court held that the MTA's plan to change the hours of operation of certain part-time token booths could only be effected after solicitation of the views of the public and a vote of the MTA Board.

While the MTA will comply with this decision and schedule such Public Hearings, the issue needs to be understood in the context of its role as part of a series of modest cost efficiency measures adopted as part of a carefully balanced budget - one which preserves existing fares and continues to enhance service. The measure in question would reduce the hours of operation of certain part-time token booths and eliminate certain other part-time booths - all selected based on their relatively low use. Indeed, the plan was reviewed by the New York City Police Department prior to its issuance to assure there were no safety concerns. Contrary to the impression left by those who oppose this measure, there will continue to be a token booth staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in each of the affected stations. In addition, each of the affected entrances has been supplemented with MetroCard vending machines and high entry/exit turnstiles that will provide our customers with current levels of access to the system.

Public notice regarding the hearing required by the Court will be issued by the MTA at a later date.