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January 20, 2004
Transit Riders Benefiting From New Metrocard Insurance

[[More Transit Customers Now Using Discount MetroCard]]

Thousands of New Yorkers have had money on their lost or stolen MetroCards returned to them through the MTA's MetroCard Balance Protection program since its introduction in October 2003. A total of 9,292 balance protection claims have been validated since October including 247 second claim customers. The average value of a credit issued is $40.57.

"So far, the MetroCard Balance Protection program has been a tremendous success," said MTA Chairman Peter S. Kalikow. "It's important that our customers take advantage of our steepest discounts without worrying about the financial hardship that comes with losing the card."

MetroCard Balance Protection provides riders with a refund for the unused value on their monthly card and is available to customers who purchase their 30-day discount cards using a debit or credit card. Since the Balance Protection Program went into effect, record numbers of New Yorkers are also using the steeply discounted 30-day pass. The market share among transit riders for the 30-day pass has increased from 14% in November 2002 to a record high 21.7% in November 2003.

Balance Protection refunds are credited to accounts, on a pro-rated basis of $2.33 per day from the day they first report the loss. Claims are limited to two (2) per calendar year. No fee is assessed for the first valid balance protection claim filed, but a $5 administrative fee is deducted from the refund amount when processing a second customer claim.

MTA customers interested in the Balance Protection program don't need to register in advance since their credit or debit card purchase automatically registers their 30-day pass. Customers can file balance protection claims 24 hours a day by calling the 212-METROCARD customer service telephone line.

For more information on the Balance Protection Program, customers can consult Balance Protection notices posted in stations, pick up a take-one, or log on to the page on our website.