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August 30, 2007
7 Rider Report Card Grades Are In

The results of MTA NYC Transit's first-ever Rider Report Card are in, and riders who graded the 7 line on 21 separate service attributes have judged that the service needs improvement by giving the Flushing Line an overall grade of C-.

Over a three-day period, between July 10th and July 12th, more than 88,000 surveys were handed out during the morning rush period in subway stations along the line, which connects Main Street, Flushing with Times Square. Using a paper self mailer or responding through the internet, riders had until July 26th to mail in their surveys or vote online in 13 foreign languages through the website.

Close to 16,000 surveys were received – 11,555 by mail and 4,245 online – of which 447 were in foreign languages, reflecting the diverse ethnic ridership on the line dubbed "The International Line." Ninety-one riders graded the line in Spanish, 87 in Chinese, 33 in Korean and 16 in Russian.

"The response to the Rider Report Card was phenomenal," said MTA Executive Director and CEO Elliot G. Sander. "Clearly, riders wanted to express their opinions and we will respond with several initiatives to improve service in the areas where they feel we're lacking."

In addition to an overall grade, riders were asked to prioritize the service areas they would like to see improved first. Riders prioritized the top ten areas as follows:

  1. "Adequate room on board at rush hour"
  2. "Minimal delays during trips"
  3. "Reasonable wait time for trains"
  4. "Train announcements that are easy to hear"
  5. "Station announcements that are easy to hear"
  6. "Cleanliness of stations"
  7. "Working elevators and escalators"
  8. "Sense of security on trains."
  9. "Cleanliness of subway cars"
  10. "Sense of security in stations"

"The service areas where our customers want to see improvements first are some of the thorniest issues facing the 7 and other lines in the system," said MTA NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr. "Now that the managers who are responsible for 7 train service have the results, I've asked them to develop plans to respond to what our riders have told us. I will personally review those plans and announce when they'll be implemented."

A full listing of Rider Report card grades and service improvement prioritization for the 7 line is available at

The Rider Report cards will be distributed for each subway line and we are currently accepting responses from customers who use the Canarsie L line and the J Z line.