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Press Release
July 2, 2009
Bx12 Local to Orchard Beach Will Start from Inwood on Weekends

MTA New York City Transit officials announce that Bx12 Local bus service will be modified for Orchard Beach service for this summer through September 7, 2009. In order to avoid the confusion of last summer's plan that had alternating Bx12 Select Bus Service (SBS) serving Orchard Beach and Bay Plaza/Co-Op City, all eastbound Bx12 SBS will now terminate at Bay Plaza/Co-Op City. Orchard Beach will be served by Bx12 Local buses as well as by shuttle buses that operate between Orchard Beach and the Pelham Bay Park 6 station. During weekends, customers originating in Manhattan may take the Bx12 SBS and transfer to the Bx12 Local at Pelham Bay Park 6 station to Orchard Beach.

In addition, on weekends between June 28 and September 5, the Bx12 Local bus to Orchard Beach will be extended at the other end of the route to Inwood at 207th Street in Manhattan. Eastbound service departing 207th Street and Broadway in Inwood to Orchard Beach will be available on weekends from 9:03 a.m. to approximately 8 p.m.

By operating all Bx12 SBS routes to Bay Plaza/Co-Op City, Transit expects to make the service consistent year-round and reduce travel times for all customers. Having only the Bx12 Local bus serve Orchard Beach will reduce on-street confusion and make customer boardings more efficient.

Customers may call our Travel Information Center at 718-330-1234 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, or log onto to use Trip Planner to plan their trips. Customers with web enabled phones or PDAs can use our Trip Planner On-the-Go! by going to; in addition to planning their trips, Blackberry users can download the free icon for one touch access to the service.