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September 28, 2007
Canarsie L Line Grade is in Second Line to Receive Subway Rider Report Card Rating

Subway riders who rely on the Canarsie L Line, which connects the Canarsie section of Brooklyn and the Chelsea section in Manhattan, have graded the line a C. 42,000 cards were handed out to riders over a three-day period in August. During the reply period, more than 4,000 report cards were received, 2,762 via regular mail and another 1,241 cards were filed via the Internet. Riders were asked to grade the line on 21 separate service attributes, including "Minimal delays during rush hour," "Sense of security in stations" and "Availability of MetroCard machines."

"We have been asking our riders for feedback and it's clear they have taken us up on the challenge, and riders on the L are no different," said Howard H. Roberts, Jr., President of MTA NYC Transit. "Given that the Canarsie line has seen more than its fair share of service interruptions over the past few years during the installation of Communications Based Train Control, I'm not totally surprised by the grade. The line has also seen unprecedented ridership growth, growth we didn't fully anticipate and have been unable to respond to as quickly as we would have liked," Roberts added.

L riders gave "Sense of security in stations" and "Sense of security on trains" a C+ but gave "Adequate room on board during rush hour" a D+. "Signs in subway cars that help riders find their way" received a B- as did "Lack of graffiti in subway cars" and "Comfortable temperature in subway cars." But riders gave the L a C- for "Minimal delays during trips" and "Cleanliness of Stations." "Reasonable wait times for trains scored a C.

Stacked up against the, 7, which was the initial line to be graded, the L received four marks of B- while the 7 received only a single B-. The L also received only one D, while the 7 line received one D and four D-'s.

Since 2000 ridership on the 10.3-mile L line has increased 20 percent, compared to a nine-percent system wide increase; this growth in ridership has been fueled largely by a boom in residential growth in the Williamsburg and Greenpoint sections of Brooklyn.

Given this surge in ridership, it comes as no surprise that the top three areas riders want to see improvement in are directly related to service. L line riders chose the same top three service areas as 7 riders. Additionally, riders on the L ranked "Cleanliness of stations" fourth on their list.

The top ten areas L riders want to see improvement in are as follows:

1) Adequate room on board at rush hour
2) Minimal delays during trips
3) Reasonable wait times for trains
4) Cleanliness of stations
5) Sense of security in stations
6) Sense of security on trains
7) Station announcements that are easy to hear
8) Station announcements that are informative
9) Courtesy and helpfulness of station personnel
10) Train announcements that are easy to hear

Full Rider report card results can be found on the web at Rider Report Card information is currently being tabulated for the J/Z, 4, 5, and M. D line riders received Rider Report Cards earlier this week, and report cards will be handed out on the 2 and 3 lines next week.