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January 8, 2007
EasyPay Xpress Speeds Fare Payment for Express Bus Customers

MTA New York City Transit's express bus customers as well as all MTA Bus Company express bus users can now benefit from the advantages of EasyPay Xpress, a convenient new MetroCard payment program designed with express bus riders in mind. The EasyPay Xpress MetroCard refills itself automatically and is linked directly to the customers' credit or debit card account.

"Initiatives like EasyPay Xpress are designed to make it as easy and convenient as possible for our customers to access MTA services," noted MTA Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer Elliot Sander. "Express bus customers also benefit from a significant financial incentive when they sign up."

The EasyPay Xpress MetroCard adds a new dimension to the payment options for Express Bus riders, refilling automatically and never running out of rides. To sign up, customers need only fill out a simple application authorizing MTA NYC Transit to charge $50 to their credit or debit card to fill their EasyPay Xpress account. The account is similar to the popular pay-per-ride Reduced Fare EasyPay MetroCard account used by more than 70,000 seniors and the disabled to pay for their bus and subway rides. EasyPay Xpress can also be linked to tax-free transportation benefits.

"The new EasyPay Xpress MetroCard program is going to be the way to purchase express bus fare media. Currently, four of five express bus riders purchase trips using a Pay-per-ride MetroCard," said NYC Transit President Lawrence G. Reuter. "EasyPay Xpress is convenient, efficient and customers will never run out of rides. And, of course, free transfers to the subway and local buses are included."

Customers immediately receive a 20% bonus so the specially-designed EasyPay Xpress MetroCard card starts off with $60 in value, which includes two free express bus rides. When the card balance reaches $25, it triggers an automatic $50 refill and another two free rides. Customers are only charged for the rides they take - including additional local bus or subway trips taken with the card.

EasyPay Xpress was introduced last summer to Staten Island commuters who travel to and from work on one of the 24 NYC Transit Express bus routes that operate between Staten Island and Manhattan. The program was expanded to the remaining 11 NYC Transit express bus routes in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan in the fall. Now, applications for the EasyPay Xpress MetroCard are available on board all 35 MTA Bus express routes that operate between Manhattan and the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

EasyPay customers don't have to wait until the end of the month to review their statements; instead, they can review EasyPay Xpress account information online at Of course, customers will also receive a detailed statement in the mail each month.

For more information or to download an application, visit and go to the FAQ section of the site.