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Press Release
October 13, 2017
FASTRACK Returns to the 123 Lines

Maintenance and Repair Work Part of Subway Action Plan

Immediate Steps to Stabilize the New York City Subway Attacks 79% of the Major Incidents Causing Delays

Beginning Monday, October 16, an extensive list of maintenance, cleaning and repair work will be performed, on the 1 Subway2 Subway3 Subway lines between 34 St-Penn Station and South Ferry/Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr, as MTA New York City Transit’s FASTRACK program returns to stations along the 7 Av line between Midtown Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn for two weeks. FASTRACK work will be performed for four consecutive weeknights, from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., on October 16-19 and again on October 23-26.

This work is strictly aligned with Phase One of the NYC Subway Action Plan already in place and set to deliver improvements within one year. It will focus on a better customer experience through increased reliability and capacity, enhanced stations and safety, and clear and accurate communication. Phase One will attack the key drivers of 79% of the major incidents causing delays in the system and strategically targets additional personnel and equipment to focus on the critical components of the system that have the highest incidence of failure.

During this seven-hour period, an army of maintenance workers will take advantage of train-free access to the tracks to perform dozens of tasks that are vital to providing safe and reliable train service. These tasks include the repair and replacement of track, third rail, electrical and signal components, debris removal from tracks and under or around the third rail, and the repair of tunnel infrastructure. Improvements to station aesthetics include painting, platform work, and repairs to signage, lighting fixtures and ADA components.

Wynton Habersham, Senior Vice President for the Department of Subways, said, "FASTRACK enables workers to do more in less time because it effectively allows us to consolidate maintenance forces in a concentrated area and perform proactive maintenance."

Phase One Subway Action Plan components in this FASTRACK include:

  • Expediting a signal repairs program that will focus on signals detected to be most problematic.
  • Launching an emergency Water Management Initiative in which teams will seal leaks with chemical grouting, clean street grates to ensure proper water diversion and eliminate debris clogging drains.
  • Cleaning the entire underground subway system to remove debris and reduce fire hazards.
  • Accelerating the repair of potential track issues across the entire underground track.
  • Increasing the frequency of station cleaning.
  • Launching a program at priority stations to deep clean, repaint and repair tile, as well as facilitating timelier elevator and escalator repairs to help improve accessibility.

FASTRACK was introduced in January 2012, devoting four straight weeknights to maintenance work in tunnels, stations and on tracks by suspending service within a given line segment for a seven-hour period between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. During our most recent FASTRACK on the Q Subway between Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr and Prospect Park, NYC Transit track workers removed 161,500 pounds of debris, replaced rails, track plates, and friction pads. They also cleaned 3,570 feet under and around the third rail, and corrected rail defects. Infrastructure crews repaired structural steel, grouted hundreds of leaks, cleaned more than a thousand feet of center trough drains, serviced 4 pump plants, removed 950 gallons of silt, and replaced 127 light bulbs.

At stations, workers scraped and cleaned 9,700 square feet of station areas, primed 10,800 square feet, and painted 14,660 square feet including 343 columns and 3,500 feet of rubbing board. Station lighting improvements consisted of replacing 6 ballasts, and 39 station light bulbs. They also replaced 124 ADA tiles, repaired 900 feet of rubbing board, installed 10 feet of drain line and serviced 36 step and risers. Signal crews serviced multiple switches, tested signals, replaced signal components, and completed annual inspections. In the area of electronic maintenance, workers serviced several CCTV cameras and monitors.

FASTRACK has been designed around the careful determination that there is adequate alternate means of transportation, including enhanced services along some bus lines during work periods. Alternative transportation options will be detailed in announcements and posters on trains, in stations and on selected buses.

During this FASTRACK 1 Subway2 Subway3 Subway trains will not run between 34 St-Penn Station and South Ferry/Atlantic Av- Barclays Ctr. Use the A SubwayC SubwayE SubwayN SubwayQ SubwayR SubwayW Subway4 Subway5 Subway to/from nearby stations. 1 Subway service operates between Van Cortlandt Park-242 St and 34 St-Penn Station. 2 Subway operates between the Eastchester-Dyre Av 5 Subway station and 34 St-Penn Station. 3 Subway service is suspended. 5 Subway service operates between Flatbush Av-Brooklyn College and the Wakefield-241 St 2 Subway line station. For service between 34 St-Penn Station and South Ferry/Brooklyn, take the A SubwayC SubwayE SubwayN SubwayQ SubwayR Subway or W Subway. For service to Flatbush Av-Brooklyn College, take the 5 Subway. Free shuttle buses operate between the Harlem-148 St and 135 St 3 Subway line stations. Transfer points include Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr, Fulton St, Times Sq-42 St/42 St-Port Authority, and 59 St-Columbus Circle.

Our next FASTRACK overnight closure will be on the N SubwayQ SubwayR SubwayW Subway lines Manhattan stations for two consecutive weeks from November 6-10 and November 13-17.