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July 17, 2014
FASTRACK Returns to the EFMR Queens Blvd Line
M and R Service Ends Early Each Night
On Monday, July 21, MTA New York City Transit’s FASTRACK program returns to the [E]F SubwayM SubwayR Subway lines in Manhattan and Queens.  From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., for four consecutive weeknights from Monday, July 21 to early Friday morning, July 25, E Subway service will be suspended between Roosevelt Av and World Trade Center.  F Subway service will be suspended between Roosevelt Av and 21 St-Queensbridge.  M Subway service will end early between 71 Av and Essex St each night. R Subway service will end early between 71 Av and Whitehall St each night.  
Travel alternatives: 
  • Take the 7 Subway between Manhattan and 74 St/Roosevelt Av or Queensboro Plaza.
  • Take the N Subway between Manhattan and Queensboro Plaza.
  • In Manhattan, transfer at 5 Av/42 St-Bryant Pk [7]F Subway, Times Sq-42 St/Port Authority [7]A SubwayC SubwayN Subway, and 34 St-Herald Sq [F]N Subway.
  • Take the R Subway between Queens Plaza and 71 Av.  When R Subway service ends, E Subway trains run local between Queens Plaza and 71 Av until 10 PM.  After 10 PM, take the E Subway Local between Roosevelt Av and 71 Av.
  • In Manhattan along 8 Avenue, take the A Subway Local or C Subway instead of the E Subway.   
  • Along 53 St, use the D Subway or nearby 6 Subway and N Subway stations instead.  
  • Free shuttle buses run local between Queensboro Plaza and 74 St-Roosevelt Av making station stops at Queens Plaza, 36 St, Steinway St, 46 St, Northern Blvd, and 65 St.
  • In Queens, transfer between shuttle buses and trains at 74 St-Roosevelt Av [7]E SubwayF Subway or Queensboro Plaza [7]N Subway.  

Joseph Leader, Senior Vice President for the Department of Subways, said, "All subway stakeholders win with FASTRACK.  Workers have a better and safer work environment, customers benefit from improved train service and reliability, and New York City Transit saves money by getting more work done in less time."

During our previous FASTRACK in January 2014, with train service suspended along a five-mile section of the Queens Boulevard line, teams of subway maintenance personnel were busy working in the tunnels and stations between Roosevelt Av and 5 Av/53 St and 21st Street-Queensbridge.  Work crews took full advantage of an uninterrupted seven-hour window and completed many tasks which ranged from electronic maintenance, track, infrastructure and station maintenance.  Electronic maintenance was performed on 163 public address system speakers.  Track workers generated 1,743 bags of debris, removed 33,150 pounds of scrap debris, scraped and cleaned 13,495 linear feet of track, and installed 170 friction pads and 368 track tie plates, and cleaned 9,300 feet of track under and around the third rail.  Infrastructure workers repaired or replaced 25 feet of handrail, replaced 555 emergency light bulbs, cleaned 150 feet of drain line, performed maintenance in a pump plant, and cleaned and repaired 150 feet of bench wall. At stations, workers replaced 195 light bulbs, scraped 9,300 square feet of paintable surface, and primed 3,800 square feet.

FASTRACK has been designed around the careful determination that there is adequate alternate means of transportation, including enhanced services along some bus lines during work periods.  Alternative transportation options will be detailed in announcements and posters on trains, in stations and on selected buses; brochures will be available in both English and Spanish.  Information on this FASTRACK is available on the web at

FASTRACK was introduced in January 2012, devoting four straight weeknights to perform maintenance work in tunnels, stations and on tracks, completely suspending service within a given line segment for a seven-hour period between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., allowing an army of maintenance workers to perform dozens of tasks.   
Our next FASTRACK overnight closure scheduled to begin Monday night July 28 and ending early Friday morning, August 1, will take place on the A SubwayC SubwayB SubwayD Subway lines between 59 St- Columbus Circle and 168 St on the A Subway line, and between 59 St-Columbus Circle and 161 St-Yankee Stadium on the D Subway line.