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May 17, 2013
FASTRACK Returns to the Upper East Side
4 Trains Will Run Local Between 125th Street and Grand Central

On Monday, May 20, MTA New York City Transit brings FASTRACK back to the Upper East Side of Manhattan on the 4 Subway Line Icon5 Subway Line Icon6 Subway Line Icon Lines – this time to perform maintenance work in the lower level express tunnels.  Nightly 4 Subway Line Icon local service begins early from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m., for three consecutive weeknights from Monday, May 20 to early Thursday morning, May 23 between 125th Street and Grand Central-42nd Street in both directions.  [5] service in Manhattan will end early each night.  However, 5 Subway Line Icon trains will run in the Bronx between Dyre Avenue and East 180th Street all night.


Travel alternatives for 5 Subway Line Icon service:

  • 2 Subway Line Icon trains provide alternate service between East 180th Street and 149th Street-Grand Concourse.   Customers may transfer between the 2 Subway Line Icon and 5 Subway Line Icon at East 180th Street.
  • 4 Subway Line Icon trains provide alternate service between 149th Street-Grand Concourse and Bowling Green.  Customers may transfer between the 2 Subway Line Icon and 4 Subway Line Icon at 149th Street-Grand Concourse.


The section of the Lexington Avenue line between 51st Street and 96th Street is on two levels.  Local trains are on the upper level and express trains are on the lower level.  During the previous Lexington Avenue Line FASTRACK in March, local service was suspended on this four-mile long segment.  A contingent of maintenance workers descended to the local tracks where they were able to inspect signals and switches, repair and replace track rails and cross ties, repair water damage, clean drains and track floors and perform elevator and escalator repair work.  In addition, they were also able to perform high-intensity station cleaning which brought a visible improvement to the station environment.


FASTRACK was introduced in January 2012, devoting a number of straight weeknights to perform maintenance work in tunnels, stations and on tracks, completely suspending service within a given line segment for a seven-hour period between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.  This gives free access to the system, allowing an army of maintenance workers to perform dozens of tasks without the concern of having to “clear up” to allow trains to pass.


The new FASTRACK corridors for 2013 include:  the Broadway N Subway Line IconQ Subway Line IconR Subway Line Icon south of Queensboro Plaza to Court Street; the A Subway Line Icon  line between 168th Street and 207th Street in Upper Manhattan, the D Subway Line Icon  Concourse Line between 161st and 205th Street; and the Lexington Avenue 4 Subway Line Icon5 Subway Line Icon, and 6 Subway Line Icon local and express lines between Grand Central-42nd Street and 125th Street.   


FASTRACK projects are also scheduled for the Sixth/Eighth Avenue Lines A Subway Line IconB Subway Line IconC Subway Line IconD Subway Line Icon between 59th Street-Columbus Circle and 168th Street-Broadway and 161st Street; Nassau Street-Broad Street-Essex Street on the J Subway Line Icon; the Fourth Avenue line D Subway Line IconN Subway Line IconR Subway Line Icon between 36th Street and 95th Street in Brooklyn and the 2 Subway Line Icon along Nostrand Avenue between Franklin and Flatbush Avenues. 


These FASTRACK efforts have been designed around the careful determination that there is adequate alternate means of transportation, including enhanced services along some bus lines during work periods.  Alternative transportation options will be detailed in announcements and posters on trains, in stations and on selected buses; brochures will be available in both English and Spanish.  Information on this FASTRACK is available by clicking here.


Our next FASTRACK overnight closure will be on the E Subway Line IconF Subway Line IconM Subway Line IconR Subway Line Icon lines between 5th Avenue-53rd Street on the E Subway Line Icon and M Subway Line Icon to Roosevelt Avenue and between 21st Street-Queensbridge F Subway Line Icon to Roosevelt Avenue, June 3 – 7.