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June 5, 2014
MTA Issues Spanish-Language MetroCard Advertising Campaign
Law Firm’s MetroCard Ad Buy in a Language Other than English is First for MTA
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has issued, for the first time, a Spanish-language advertising campaign on MetroCards. A print run of 250,000 MetroCards in Spanish was purchased by the immigration law firm Youman, Madeo & Fasano LLP. 
The print campaign uses two versions with a run of 125,000 cards for each. One version advertises the law firm and its locations, and the other promotes a television show on immigration issues that the law firm produces. 
The MTA has used advertising on the rear face of MetroCards since 1995 and began selling space on the card’s front face in 2012. The change was part of an expanded initiative to raise revenue through MTA’s reach to 8 million New York City residents and visitors who take subways and buses every day. In 2012, the MTA also began selling space on MetroCards directly to advertisers rather than through an intermediary. 
“We’re very pleased by the continuing high level of interest that advertisers are showing toward the MetroCard as a medium for promotions,” said Paul J. Fleuranges, MTA’s senior director of corporate and internal communications. “This confirms that our decision to relaunch the MetroCard advertising program was the right move. Advertisers can continue to leverage the MetroCard as a vehicle to communicate to our diverse customer base.”
The cards are scheduled for release beginning June 7, and distribution will be targeted to the following stations:
7 Subway Junction Blvd; 7 Subway 82 St; 7 SubwayE SubwayF SubwayM SubwayR Subway 74 St; 7 Subway 61 St; 7 Subway 33 St; 7 Subway 103 St 
The Bronx:
2 Subway4 Subway5 Subway 149 St-Grand Concourse
4 Subway5 Subway6 Subway 125 St; A SubwayC Subway 168 St 
B SubwayD SubwayN SubwayQ SubwayR Subway2 Subway3 Subway4 Subway5 Subway Atlantic Av-Barclays Center
The MTA does not disclose the costs for specific ad campaigns. Prices for ads on both faces of MetroCards range from 25¢ to 45¢ per card, with minimum print runs of 250,000 cards. The MTA produces 4 million to 5 million MetroCards every month. 
Front of Law Firm's MetroCard Ad
Front of Law Firm's MetroCard Ad
Back of Law Firm's MetroCard Ad
Back of Law Firm's MetroCard Ad